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Group Class is included for FREE for LIFE!

That’s because we want to be there forever, not just for a couple of weeks. No matter what you do, you get group classes for life! However, you cannot just partake in group class without either One on One Training or Boarding School. You have to do one of those first. This is because we want to create the fairest learning environment for your dog as possible.

If you only did group class, it would be the equivalent of being a quarterback of a football team, and your coach teaching you the plays in the middle of the Super Bowl. Could you do it? Possibly, but it would be super hard and stressful. We want to start from square one and teach you how to throw the ball, then practice, then the game, and only then put you into the Super Bowl.


Some dogs can do decently in group class, but most dogs can’t.

You get mediocre results if any at all. If you have a really energetic dog or a dog with aggression or anxiety, there is no chance your dog is going to thrive in group class. We also need to make it as easy as possible for you, the owner. We want to practice with you first before putting you in an extreme distraction situation where you’ll have to control your dog in extreme situations.

With that being said, if you and your dog have already been through either boarding school or one-on-one training, the group class is a GREAT tool. It’s a chance to get you and your dog around other dogs and distractions in a safe environment that’s not like a dog park where it’s a 50/50 chance that people will bring an aggressive dog.

At group class, you can use it one of two ways. You can use it as a 7-week course. During the 7 weeks, we work on different things each week. In the 7 weeks, we cover commands such as Place, Come, Heel, Sit, and Off. We also go on nature walks, play Simon says, and work on doing all of these things around significant distractions. At the end of the 7 weeks, we then have test day! This is where you can test your dog and pass out of it and get a certificate of training! If you pass test day, the next 7 weeks, we make it more challenging for you, and then you can test out of the advanced testing. If you pass that, then the next 7 weeks, you’re doing the epic training! You can pass out of the EPIC training course as well.

Another way you can use group class is to just show up whenever you’re struggling with anything or have questions. Let’s be realistic; your dog is a dog, and you’re a human. You both make mistakes. If you struggle with ANYTHING, we want to be there to help you. For instance: At group class, I had someone come up to me and say, “Our dog is doing great. However, we just moved from an apartment to a ranch, and now we have llamas, and our dog hates them. What do we do?” These are the types of questions we want to answer because you shouldn’t have to pay another trainer or us ever again if you’re struggling with anything.


Truly the biggest thing with group class is that we want to be there for you forever!

We want to teach your dog the commands first but then up the distractions by coming to group class. You can work on commands your dog already knows but you want to proof them more or get them better. We can do that. If you’re looking to learn tricks like play dead or back back we can do that as well.

FAQ about group class

Can my dog just do group class?

You are not allowed to just do group class. We want to set up a fair learning environment for your dog. There are too many distractions too fast. We want to teach your dog first then add the distractions.

How much is group class?

Group class is FREE with any package you do.

How often is group class?

Group class is twice a week!

What commands worked on in group class?

Come, Place, heel, sit, place stays, sit stays, off. Also if you want to learn how to teach tricks you can come to group class and we can show you how!

If I have multiple dogs can I bring both to group class?

You have to have one human per dog. You can only train one dog at once at group class! 

Are there aggressive dogs at group class?

Yes. However, owners with aggressive dogs must bring muzzles and are working slightly away from the group. 

Can I ask questions at group class that aren’t related to group class?

ABSOLUTELY! That’s why we have it! We want to be there for you forever! Ask the questions before or after group class! 

Will there be opportunities at group class where I can talk to a trainer one on one? 

YES! The trainers will be walking around and making sure your dog is doing awesome! 

Will my dog get to play with other dogs at group class?

We do not let dogs play with other dogs at group class. If you want to make friends with other individuals at group class and have doggy play dates outside of group class that’s great! You’re absolutely welcome to do that!

How long is group class?

Each class is about 1 hour. 

What happens in case of bad weather?

The class will be off. Group class is outside at a park so we won’t have group class if it’s too hot, too cold, or raining. 

Do I have to RSVP? 

As long as you have been through either our one on one training or boarding school you don’t have to register. Just show up!


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