Dog Training Service Options


When it comes to pricing, at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we offer the most affordable pricing model in Oklahoma and maybe even America and your first lesson is always just 50 cents.

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Training we specialize in puppy training, obedience training, dog boarding and training and more.

Our Proven Process:



Your first lesson is just 50 cents (as a company we will pay more in credit card fees that you will pay us for your first lesson, because we want to invest build a win-win and mutually beneficial relationship with you)


We will review our Tulsa dog training packages with you to determine which dog training fits you and your family’s needs and budget the best.


After we train your dog you will experience a life that no longer involves you being held hostage by your dog.


Once you are wowed, we will be here year after year to assist you, your family and your friends with all of their Tulsa dog training needs.

In Terms of the Actual Pricing & Actual Packages We Offer 3 Different Standard Packages That Are Designed to Deliver the Following Results to You Quickly:

  1. Stop Leash Pulling
  2. Teach Your Dog to Come When You Say “Come”
  3. Prevent Dog Jumping
  4. Reduce Aggressive Behaviors
  5. Stop the Endless Dog Barking
  6. Stop Random Urinating On Your Clothes, In Your Home & In Your Closets
  7. Stop Pooping In Your House & In Random Often Embarrassing Places
  8. Stop Chasing People
  9. Stop Chewing On & Eating Your Furniture, Your Clothing & Anything Other Than Dog Food

Training Options

The Path to making your dog epic starts here! You can schedule your first lesson and assessment for 50 cents!

We fix 98% behavioral issues in just 1-3 weeks! The goal is NEVER obedience at the expense of personality. No matter the dog or your training goals, we’ve got the training option for you! Your dog is one-of-a-kind, and your training plan should be too!



Our Bootcamps, also known as Board and Train Programs, represent our most comprehensive training solutions. We offer various levels of Bootcamps to align with your specific goals. Depending on your objectives, our Bootcamps can run from 1 to 5 weeks. Your dog will stay with us during this time. This option is particularly ideal for individuals with challenging or highly energetic dogs, as well as those with busy schedules. During Bootcamps, your dog will stay with us, and we take on all the training responsibilities. By the end, your dog will have a complete understanding of commands, and we’ll shift our focus to training you, the owner!


 Private lessons are personalized training sessions where we will train at your house or at a park and do the training! In the case of in-home training, we conduct the initial sessions with just us and your dog to lay the foundational training. We want to set the foundation so that your dog has a general idea of the training so when we plug you in it’s easier. After we set the foundation we move on to training you humans on how to train and get your dog to whatever obedience level you want!



Addressing anxiety and aggression in dogs is a complex but essential endeavor. These issues are major contributors to the unfortunate decision to euthanize dogs. They can arise from genetic factors or learned behavior. Let us provide the guidance and support needed to help your dog embark on a path towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Let’s make your dog epic!


Now while there is no age too old for us to make your dog epic, your dog has to be at least 4 months old to train with us. The reason being is if we train your dog too young it will be like trying to teach calculus to an 8 year old. Could we do it? Absolutely. But it will be much easier on you and your puppy to wait a couple months and then start training.


No matter whether you choose Private lessons or Bootcamps, once you complete them, you will gain access to our group classes indefinitely. This is because we want to support you throughout your dog’s lifetime. We don’t allow individuals to join group classes without prior training. This is the equivalent to a quarterback in football trying to learn the plays during a game. Could they do it? Sure, but it would be extremely challenging. Instead, we prefer to teach the commands to the dogs first, and then bring them to group class to work around distractions. We can also assist with any challenges you may be facing or demonstrate how to teach new commands.

Potty Training

Potty Training can make you want to pull your hair out. It can be the most frustrating thing in the world. There is so much information out there on potty training. Puppy pads? Doggy diapers? Spanking? Don’t worry we have you covered. Click here to see the do’s and don’ts of potty training!  

No matter what your issues are or your goals we got you covered. Every dog is different and everyone’s goals are different. Let us tailor a package that’s right for you! We want to help you all the way through your dog training journey and for the rest of your dog’s life! Our whole goal is to give your dog more freedom. We do that by building trust between you and your dog. Imagine being able to take your dog to the beach, hiking, the lake, the park off leash and have trust that no matter what is going on you trust your dog to listen first time everytime. That dream is only a couple weeks away. Not months or years! We fix 98% of issues in 1-3 weeks!


In case your dog struggles with ANY of these or if you’re interested in teaching your dog ANY of these commands we are the trainer for you!

  • Over Excitement
  • Excited Peeing
  • Jumping
  • Leash Pulling
  • Counter Surfing
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Whining
  • Nipping
  • Biting
  • Dog Reactivity
  • People Reactivity
  • Wanting to Murder the mailman
  • Humping
  • Marking
  • Eating Poop
  • Running away
  • Resource Guarding
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Come On First Command
  • Sit On Command
  • Down On Command
  • Place On Command
  • Heel – Loose Leash Walking
  • OFF Leash Heel
  • Sit When Stop Walking
  • Wait At The Door
  • Watch On Command
  • Listen Around Distractions
  • Back Pack
  • Jumping on Fire Hydrants
  • Spread um
  • Play Dead
  • Spin
  • Fetch
  • Roll Over
  • Tail Chasing
  • 50 Foot Down Stay
  • 50 Foot Sit Stay
  • 100 Yard Place Stay
  • 30 Minute Sit Stay
  • 30 Minute Place Stay
  • 30 Minute Down Stay
  • Recall Training
  • Stay with Distractions
  • Leave It Command
  • Drop It Command
  • Quiet Command
  • Shake Hands
  • Stay Off Furniture
  • Go to Bed Command
  • Kennel on Command
  • Stay in Yard
  • Speak on Command
  • Weave Command

How Do Our Scholarship Pricing Packages Work?

After we go over the 3 different Tulsa dog training packages we have available, if we are unable to find a dog training package that fits your budget we have many scholarship options available to accommodate nearly any budget.

A Total Glossary of Dog Training Terms, Commands And More:

Basic Commands

Come: This call means that you want your dog to come when called.
Sit (and Extended Sit): This command means that you want your dog to sit and hold their “sit” until they are released or until “The Rapture” and the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Down (And the Super-Extended Down): This command means that you want your dog to lie down and to stay in this position for the foreseeable future or until you decide to release your Tulsa dog.
Place: This command means that you want your dog to sit and stay in a specific location (on a couch, on a park bench, on a fire hydrant, on a log, on the hood of a car, on the bar in your restaurant, etc.) until the dog is released from this command.
Loose Leash Walking: This is a super move that means that you want your incredible Tulsa dog to walk beside you on the leash.
Off: This command means that you don’t want the dog to jump on you or any other humans on the planet.

Advanced Commands

Extended Distance Obedience: This command means that you want your dog to obey commands from an extremely long distance of 50+ yards or more.
Heel: This is a standard command that means that you want your Tulsa dog to come to you and to sit literally behind your left leg (Why not the right leg? Ask your trainer)
Watch: This is a super dog training move that involves your dog staring at you until they are officially released by you.

Through: This super move is a dog training move that means you want your dog to go in between your legs and sit.
Stand: This is a move that means that you want your dog to rise from a sit or down position.

The Wounded Dog: This is a dog move where your dog will actually pretend to be hurt until you release your dog from this move.

The Cobra Commander: This is a dog training super move that very few dog trainers have mastered. This move requires your dog to stand up on its back leg and to squirm back and forth like the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses.

Diamond Dogs: This is not a dog training move, but it is in fact a song by David Bowie

Front: This move involves commanding that your dog will come to you and sit in front of you on command.
Focused Heel: This is an elite dog training move that involves your dog staring at you the entire time they heel.

Touch: This is a subtle move that involves your dog standing up against anything you point to, which always wows the crowd.

Howling At the Moon: This move involves teaching your dog to belt out various dog sounds as though they are actually singing.
Casting/Send Away/Load-Up: This move involves you commanding the dog to be sent away to the location that you desire (a vehicle, a crate, Dubai, etc._
Leave It: This is a great move that will keep your dog from eating or something that you do not desire.

Greeting Manners: This command involves you telling your dog to greet strangers and new visitors to your house without harassing them and jumping up on them.
Attack: This is not a command that we currently teach our dogs.

Meal Manners: This command involves teaching your dog to wait calmly and politely until they are released.

Atomic Dog: This is not a dog training move and is actually a song written by George Clinton

Dead Dog: This move involves teaching your dog to lay on the ground and appear to be dead.

The Backpack: This command involves teaching your dog to jump onto your back like they are a backpack that you are wearing.

Door Manners: This move involves teaching your dog to nicely waiting by gates, doors and other openings until they are released.

General Obedience Terms:

Break: This is a dog training cue that is used to make your dog release from a previous command.
Aggression: When your dog begins to showcase that it is not happy (which involves growling, barking, snapping or lunging) our goal is to teach your dog how to calm down in a way that is sustainable and repeatable. However, it is important to note that oftentimes dog aggression may be the result of your dog’s desire to guard a particular territory or a member of your family. Also if your dog is a wolf-dog hybrid that was bred to be aggressive that is also an issue.

SPECIAL NOTE: Although we strive to train every dog that is presented to us it is important to know that it is impossible for us or any dog training organization to guarantee complete fixes of massive psychological issues that a dog may have such as a dog’s desire to be aggressive with people. We can work with your dog to provide you with better control and to help manage the on-going issues that you and your dog are dealing with, but if a dog is bred to be a super-aggressive we may not be able to help.
Hyper-Reactive Dogs: This situation is often confused by many dog enthusiasts with aggression. Reactive and hyper-reactive dogs often overreact to basic life events in a way that can seem scary or odd. Reactivity is usually related to the actual genetics of a dog or an overall lack of socialization that may be the dog having been around children, men with massive beards or other triggers. Additional distractions can be caused by smell, other dogs or additional outside stimuli that may detract your dog’s overall mindset and ability to stay focused on a given subject or task.

Markers: Markers are typically used by Tulsa dog trainers as a way to communicate to your dog that it is doing a good job. Phrases such as “Good Boy,” or “Good Dog” are often referred to as markers. Markers can also be used to write on things and we strongly recommend that you do not sniff markers.

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