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Listed on the following page, at MakeYourDogEpic Tulsa Puppy Training you will quickly see that we are experts when it comes to puppy training in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is why your first Tulsa puppy training lesson with us is always just 50 cents

Having trained thousands of Tulsa Dogs, we have found that many wonderful website visitors like yourself often want to know what is the ideal age that a Tulsa puppy should be at before beginning Tulsa puppy training and dog obedience training?

Although we would love to answer the question succinctly, the answer is really based upon the breed of the dog, the weight of the dog and the environment that the dog is currently being raised in.

Over the years we have seen that many Tulsa dogs do very well when they start their official Tulsa dog obedience training at the age of five months old or less and in fact we find that starting your dogs young with obedience training is the way to go. However, in an ideal world we would love to start mentoring, coaching up and exhorting your dogs at around the age of five months old. 


Why Do We Prefer to Start Offering Tulsa Obedience Dog Training At Five Months or Older? 

As dogs grow up and mature from a puppy into a full-grown dog, your dog’s bladder will actually grow in size and your dog will gain better control of its ability to control its bladder. However, this is not a universal rule. In fact, we all know kids that wet the bed until later in life and we all know of adults that start losing bowel controls late in life as well. However, from our experience we have found that some puppies that were as young as two months and twenty eight days old had super great bladder control. It’s amazing how each dog can be so different, which is why what we do never gets old.

And although it might seem strange, we have actually had some puppies that were unable to demonstrate bladder control until they were five months old. Because our puppy training classes are typically fifty minutes long, we are really wanting to work with dogs that have the mental and physical capacity to engage with our expert Tulsa puppy trainers for the entire fifty minute dog training session.  

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure about whether your dog is a good fit for our Tulsa puppy training lessons, simply schedule a 50 cent first Tulsa puppy training lesson with our team so that we can assess the situation from a professional’s perspective. 

What kind of dog training do we actually provide for the dog’s that we personally own?

Whether it’s your dog or our dog, we really put a massive emphasis on four core concepts with each puppy we work with from the time they are seven weeks old up to five months old.

  1. We want to provide our dogs (which we love) with a consistent atmosphere that they can count on.
  2. We want to introduce our dogs to the social environment around them so that they are not scared by the children, sounds, waterfalls, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, goats, pool cleaning guys, and the vacuums that they may encounter.
  3. We want to potty train our dogs as soon as possible so that our house does not smell like the inside of a dog’s bladder.
  4. We want to never convey an atmosphere of weak, cowardly or feebleness around our new puppy. We know that our new puppies like to think that they are a “Little King” just because we helped bring them to our palace, but we must remind them of our home integrity rules consistently so that they don’t try to secretly defile our palace.

With our own personal dogs (and we love dogs), we are obsessed with making sure that our dogs develop a mindset of joy, enthusiasm, optimism and love because they can see that the world around them is safe and wonderful.

When you invest the time to love on your dog and to create an emotionally stable dog that doesn’t feel like it has to hide behind its facial hair, that dog is easier to train. Very early we also want our dog to master the art of potty training so that our home doesn’t begin to smell like a petting zoo.

We want to provide our dogs (which we love) with a consistent atmosphere that they can count on.

In order for your dog to become trainable you must be very intentional about the sites, sounds, smells and interactions that will affect the environment around your Tulsa puppy. Because puppies are new to the planet earth they can easily become scared about bangs, dings, rings and all of the environment things that you may be used to. Your puppy might have its mind blown by its first car ride, or it might emotionally lose its mind the first time it hears a vacuum. So in order to quickly help our new puppy to get acclimated with the world around them, we want to take our new best friends and new Tulsa puppies into nearly every environment that we go to. Our focus at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training is to make sure that you end up owning a dog that you can take nearly everywhere. Although some fancy restaurants don’t allow dogs and many people are not a fan of you bringing your dog to their office, or home without asking, we would recommend that you take your new dog nearly everywhere you can. 

If you are going on a Lakeside Griswold-esc family vacation, take your new puppy to the lake with you. If you are driving to the grocery store, take your puppy to the grocery store with you. We recommend that you take your new Tulsa puppy everywhere. If you are going for a walk or a run, take your Tulsa puppy with you and if you are going to pet stores, take your puppy with you. However, it’s important to note this when taking your dog to the pet store for the first time. Many people at the pet store have not properly trained their dog before taking their dog to the pet store so make sure that you are extra careful to keep a close eye on your new puppy when you take your dog to the Tulsa pet store. 

It’s important that you take your new puppy nearly everywhere. Allow your puppy to roam and to walk on nearly every kind of surface that it can and allow it to experience the environment fully. Allow your dog to take in the smells, the sounds and the ambiance that makes each environment unique.

Never be harsh with your new puppy about becoming involved and engaged in a new environment. Always allow your little puppy to ease their way into each new environment. You must walk the dog into the environment slowly to allow them to feel comfortable with the new environment and to not freak out your new Tulsa puppy. As a real life example, you don’t want to throw your new puppy into a pool and then see if they can swim. This will cause your puppy to not trust you. You may want to bring your puppy to the edge of the shallow end of the pool. You may then want to help to introduce your puppy’s paw to the pool and then over time your puppy may want to stand in the shallow end of the pool. You get it.

By around the fifth or sixth month of your puppies existence on the planet earth your puppy can begin to learn new formal commands.

We want to introduce our dogs to the social environment around them so that they are not scared by the children, sounds, waterfalls, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, goats, pool cleaning guys, and the vacuums that they may encounter.

By default, most people on the planet don’t introduce their dog to the social environment around them properly. Most people without knowing cause their puppy difficulties that result in your puppy being more difficult to train by taking your puppy to a noisy environment or a busy park full of dogs before their dog has experienced the world. If you bring your new puppy to meet your neighbor’s super aggressive killer guard dog that is going to traumatize your puppy. You don’t want to teach your new puppy to become afraid of the environment around them. 

Most often the Tulsa puppies that we see have only been allowed to invest time with the other members of their dog litter or with their actual dog mother. Thus, if you decide to remove that puppy from that environment and you decide to throw that new young puppy in with a bunch of other dogs at your local park with many other dogs, your young puppy may quickly become terrified and scared of their environment. Young puppies can also get injured by other dogs who simply decide to play too aggressively and roughly with your puppy, and this will nearly always turn out to be a bad experience for your young dog. 

If you decide that you want to socialize your dog by taking it to a city park or local park, you must know that this environment is very rarely conducive to the training and development of a young dog. This is why we passionately, strongly and without reservation recommend that you would start introducing your young puppy to similar puppies that are five to seven months old or younger. When in an environment surrounded by other dogs, young dogs tend to respond well knowing that they are surrounded by dogs that are at similar levels of development. If you cannot do this, we highly recommend that you introduce your dog to older dogs that are very mature and that are very peaceful. You must never forget that no other canines enjoy being around other canines. Just like in the world we live in, some people don’t like to be around other people and some dogs don’t want to be around other dogs. 

It is also very important that you don’t introduce your new and young puppy to advanced dogs that will feel the need to overcoach or aggressively mentor your dog through biting, or chasing your dog around to stop it from engaging in certain behaviors. If you introduce your young puppy to hostile dogs this is not good socialization and this will lead to your dog potentially being jarred and filled with anxiety also known as bad socialization. In order to develop a great coachable and super self-assured dog you want your new dog to experience as many positive environments and experiences as possible. 

We want to potty train our dogs as soon as possible so that our house does not smell like the inside of a dog’s bladder.

Although we have written vast amounts of content about puppy potty training on our website, we wanted to encourage you during this short section of the website to remind you that puppy potty training is really all about developing a routine sense of where you want your puppy to potty and this can only be developed through the rigorous implementation of a proven process and habitual routine actions implemented diligently day after day. 

As the actual trainer of puppies you mentally must be focused on having patience when training your “Little King.” When you get a new puppy it will often act as though it is now the “Little King” of your life and as though it is uncoachable, unapproachable and your little young puppy may even act petty. Remember that young puppies have small bladders and they often need to potty at least every fifteen to twenty five minutes. Thus, if you have a new young puppy make sure to take them outside often as part of your daily routine. When you wake up, take your puppy outside to potty. When you eat breakfast, take your puppy outside to potty. When you finish responding to a long passive aggressive email from a petty person, take your puppy to the potty. It’s very important that you consistently take your puppy outside to play after every interaction you have with the young animal.

Those early months of raising your puppy are very important to developing a core relationship with your puppy about where they need to potty. Having trained thousands of dogs we have noticed that in extremely rare cases a puppy that has been matriculated and mentored by an esteemed dog breeder may be able to learn proper potty training when they are as little as four to seven weeks old, but this is very rare.

Many of the top dog breeders in America tend to use puppy potty pads during those early phases of puppy mentorship because they want their puppies to have another choice when it comes to alleviating themselves before they eventually move the dog up to the concept of having the dog use the potty in the grass. If you would like additional training guidance and mentorship and puppy potty training simply schedule your first 50 cent Tulsa dog training lesson with us today by clicking here: https://makeyourdogepic.com/contact/ 

We want to never convey an atmosphere of weak, cowardly or feebleness around our new puppy. We know that our new puppies like to think that they are a “Little King” just because we helped bring them to our palace, but we must remind them of our home integrity rules consistently so that they don’t try to secretly defile our palace. 

Many new puppy owners can behave like weak business people. In an office environment if you are the leader of a business you want to communicate directly with your team to let them know when projects are do, who is supposed to be doing the projects and why they are supposed to be doing the projects and action items. Then in a functional work environment that action items are assigned to be done on a specific date with the amount of detail that may look something like this.

However, in an office environment where a weak, cowardly, and feeble leader is charge the spirit of jack-assery begins to abound and to compensate for being a weak leader (which we also refer to as a “Little King”) you may see passive aggressive behavior begin to be the norm. You may see a weak business leader begin to embezzle money from his partners and confirm doing so via text message only when prompted. In a dysfunctional work environment you may see a weak business leader begin to unbook key partners from speaking at their annual conferences when communicating this was happening in advance. In an office environment where weak, cowardly and feeble leadership abounds you may begin to see a dumb and aggressive boss begin to behave erratically while randomly changing and tweaking proven systems to the point that they don’t work while bringing in outside advisors that have no idea what they are talking about all without the consent of the founding partners. In a dysfunctional business you will see weak, cowardly and ineffective “Little Kings” begin to communicate only via email and refuse to look at the partner that they are screwing without crying like a baby. No, this actually happens in business. 

Now in the world of raising a puppy, if you create an environment and atmosphere of weak, cowardly or feebleness around your new puppy your puppy will begin to sense that you have no idea what you are doing. Your puppy will begin to sense that your reactions are both dumb and aggressive. Your puppy will begin to sense that you may in fact be less intelligent than them and then your puppy may lose respect for you all together as you demonstrate a complete inability to be consistent and to implement proven systems and processes. If you are to properly train a dog or lead a business you must not be weak, cowardly, ineffective and inconsistent. You must convey a sense of routine and directness to properly train a puppy.

Should you take your Tulsa puppy to a puppy training class or a puppy class?

For many dogs, puppy class can be a mind-expanding and obedience creating activity. However, for some young puppies, a puppy class may not be the best use of your time. From our vast experience training puppies on the planet earth, we would highly recommend that you would invest as much time as possible into the educating of your dog about their environment and into what we call socializing your beautiful puppy.

Although many subpar Tulsa dog trainers will insist on using Tulsa puppy classes because their dog training methods are not effective and thus they must compensate for this by training a puppy at as young of an age as possible. At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we have found that we are able to train dogs quickly on how to consistently heel, stay, come, sit, roll-over, shake, and that we are able to teach nearly 98% of the dogs that we train to stop jumping very quickly and within just a matter of a couple of weeks. 

We are very confident that we can teach your young dog obedience with our proven turn-key business systems and processes. In fact we are so confident in our Tulsa dog training lesson that your first Tulsa dog training lesson is just 50 cents. We have found that mentoring a young dog is easy to do as long as the dog has been properly introduced to the world around them. 

If you own a dog that is currently three months and twenty days old or older, you can experience your first dog training lesson with us for just 50 cents. If you would like to learn more about the proven training systems that we offer simply click here: https://makeyourdogepic.com/contact/ or you can give us a call today at: 918-550-5557.

As the Owner of Make Your Dog Epic, I Am 100% Confident That Our Team Can Train Your Dog to Become Obedient.

However, As a Man Who Has Grown Several Multi-Million Dollar Companies, And Has Coached Thousands of Business Owners to Super Success, I Can Confidently Tell You That We Can’t Train Petty, Passive-Aggressive Adult Men To:

  • Stop Embezzling Money
  • Stop Pushing Their Business Partner Out a Business Via Email
  • Stop Blocking Their Co-Founder from Attending the Annual Business Conference Designed to Teach the Proven Methods That Their Co-Founder Created
  • Stop Praising Their Mentor Via Testimonials While Passively Aggressively Attempting to Force Them Out a Business
  • Stop Paying Themselves $80,000 During One Year to Market Products To Their Internal Captured Audience That Can’t Buy From Anyone Else
  • Stop Hosting Conferences Filled With Speakers That Teach Concepts Not At All Related to the Growth of the Business
  • Stop Being Covenant Breakers
  • Stop Being Nefarious And Greedy

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Listed Below Is a Bonus Guide:

The 10 Rules of Puppy PottyTraining Success

Unless you hate your life and want your home to smell like dog excrement, potty training your puppy is a crucial step in raising a well-behaved and happy puppy. Establishing A consistent routine, using positive reinforcement, and understanding your puppy’s cues are the keys to success in this endeavor.In this guide (easy to use ULTIMATE POTTY TRAINING GUIDE) we will walk you through a very simple process to make potty training easier and more effective, along with some do’s and don’ts to ensure a smooth journey. Remember,patience and consistency is your best friend during this process of potty training man’s best friend. The process is very simple. However, it’s tedious and slightly annoying, but less annoying than cleaning up the constant dog urine and poop that will be flowing through your house if you do not become proactive about potty training your puppy.

RULE #1 – Begin Your Day Early – NOTE: Puppies can usually hold their bladder for about seven hours at night,so this morning trip sets the tone for the day and helps establish a routine.

RULE #2 – Use Same Spot Each Time – NOTE: No Exploration until after they potty 

RULE #3 – Use a Leash –  Take your dog out on a leash so you can ensure they are not just running around chewing up sticks. Afterthey potty you’re welcome to let them off leash and they can run around.

RULE #4 -Positive Reinforcement Matters – NOTE: Praise Your Puppy When TheyPotty Correctly

RULE #5 -Master the Power of the Crate – NOTE: You should only give your dogs 10-15 min maximum to potty outside. If they don’t potty you need to take them back inside and put them in the crate for 30 min and then try again. This is where it gets tedious because you need to do this over and over 

RULE #6 – You Must Observe the30-Minute Rule – NOTE: Expect your puppy to need another potty break about 30 minutes after eating or drinking.

RULE #7 -Consistency Is Key – NOTE: Always take your puppy to the same designated potty spot. 

RULE #8 – Using Commands – NOTE: Select a specific command to associate with potty time, such as“Go potty” or “Do your business.”This command will help your puppy understand the desired behavior.

RULE #9 – Repetition – NOTE: Repeat the chosen command. It May take some time for your puppy to connect the command with the action, so be patient 

RULE #10 -Bad News, Some dogs don’t have full bladder control until they are8 months old and some humans lose all bladder control after spending a night out partying. Don’t let your dog binge-drink & party all night.

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