Tulsa Drillers Bat Dog


We are honored to have the chance to be the Tulsa Drillers Bat Dog! We love bringing smiles to the kids and peoples faces at the Tulsa Drillers games!

We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase what our training can do! But more importantly that you can have a well trained dog that still has all of their personality. We have found at the games that the fans and other dog owners LOVE Achilles and seeing him! We have also found that the other dog trainers in the area say JT our lead isn’t “Strict” enough in training and Achilles should be more obedient. What they don’t understand is that the goal of dog training is for the dog to have fun while training and while doing their “job”. All dogs need jobs and Achilles gets to spend all day everyday with his dad JT! That’s a dream for most dogs and dog owners. There are so many different styles of training and we give more information on that at our first lesson which is just 50 cents! We will walk you through what it will take to get your dog to your goals because every dog is different and everyone’s goals are different! More about Achilles Below! 



Things that set us apart from other trainers

The biggest thing is our goal of obedience but NEVER at the expense of personality! This is a rare thing with dog trainers. To list off the other reasons you’ll want to train with us!

  • First lesson/consultation is just 50 cents!
  • If you sign up for that First lesson/consultation you are entered in for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii!
  • We get you to YOUR goal not ours. We create a tailored package specifically for YOUR goals and YOUR dog!
  • We will beat any competitor’s price!
  • We have one on one lessons or boarding school
  • We have one of the fastest turn around times in the industry because our method is so simple. Link This page https://makeyourdogepic.com/training-method/  We fix 98% of issues in 1-3 weeks!
  • We offer a MONEY BACK guarantee on all training!
  • No matter what package you choose you will receive group class for free!
  • No matter what package you choose you will receive Lifetime phone support!

Achilles is the Tulsa Drillers bat dog! He was born on July 7th 2021!

He is a Belgian Malionis. Achilles was born in France where his dad competed in French Mondioring. French Mondioring is a dog sport that combines elements of the French Ring, Belgian Ring, KNPV, and Schutzhund. Here are some Videos of Achilles The Tulsa Drillers bat dog as a puppy!

Before I started training Achilles I gave him 2 weeks without training so we could bond before training started. In those two weeks he chewed up my fence 3 different times then he realized he was a Belgian Malinois and he could go over the 6 foot fence haha! I took him to see my family and he immediately jumped on my grandma and I had to catch her before she fell. She said “some dog trainer you are”! She laughs about it now but not at the time! We also went to Southern Agriculture to get some dog toys. He proceeded to bark and growl at every single dog or animal he saw. I also took Achilles to watch me play flag football before I started training him. I had him tied back to a tree with food, water, and toys. He barked NONSTOP the entire 50 minutes we were playing. He just kept staring at the ball and wanted to play also! I just tell these stores to show he has always had a personality but he hasn’t always had manners! Last story. When I went to pick him up for the first time, on the way back I stopped at Taco Bell and stayed at a hotel. Most dogs beg for food… he just took the food. I went to put the burrito in my mouth and he immediately took it from between my mouth and hand and ate it in under 5 seconds! It is so cool for people who knew him before training to see how great he is now and how happy he is. Because of training he now get way more freedom than he had before because I know that he will listen for the first time everytime! Now he gets to be the Tulsa Drillers Bat Dog.

Achilles is the Tulsa Drillers Bat Dog!

He absolutely LOVES doing the games and any event we do! Achilles loves working but not only that he gets so much attention at all the games!

On April 12th 2024 it was the first time Achilles was the Tulsa Drillers Bat Dog! We had practiced a lot! We also went to Tim Smith in Las Vegas to teach us his method of ‘Retrieve’. We are experts in obedience training but ‘Retrieve’ was a new command for us. There are a lot of hunting dog trainers out there we thought about learning from. However, they said it was going to take months and would change Achilles’s Personality. If you have met Achilles you know he is full of personality haha! We definitely Did not want the Tulsa Drillers bat dog to have no personality! Our number one motto is “obedience but NEVER at the expense of personality” If you have to crush a dog’s soul and spirit to get it to listen to you..then what’s the point?

The goal of being a dog trainer is serving dogs and people. I am writing this section from the heart because it genuinely hurts me that many dog trainers get this very wrong. Most dog trainers and dog training companies, I believe, started out with good intentions, but they lose their way somewhere down the road.

Tulsa Dog Training Services 21

They started out with a passion for dogs.

They love dogs, they care for dogs, they want the absolute best for them.

Next, they start getting into the dog training realm, so they watch YouTube videos of training and try a couple of things. They possibly even bought a couple of dog training books. They start having success and get infatuated with the dog training realm. They start training other people’s dogs or get a job as a dog trainer. They get really good, and they have a deep passion for dogs and people. They understand that behavioral issues are one of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters. Somewhere along the line they lose their sense of serving. They start trying to push their goals on others or what they perceive as “correct” training and tear other dog trainers down. 

To Make Your Dog Epic we don’t care who you train with. There are thousands of different ways to train dogs and we understand we aren’t the only way. We are honored people give us the opportunity to serve them and their dog! If you just want your dog to stop jumping on you and to stop barking we can get you to that goal! If you want your dog to be as good as Achilles the Tulsa Drillers bat dog we can get you to that goal! If you want your dog to be more “strict” in training than Achilles the Tulsa Drillers bat dog we can get you to that goal! Your goals are now our goals and we have no doubt we can help you out! Lets make your dog EPIC! 

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