Schedule Your First Dog Training Lesson


Schedule Your First Dog Training Lesson

At Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training your first lesson is always just 50 cents and we do that because it essentially allows great people like you to try out the services that we provide at a price that everyone can afford.

What Happens After the First 50 Cent Dog Training Lesson?

After your first 50 cent dog training lesson our team then sits down with you to show you the different pricing options and packages that we have available so that we can find the right package for your dog and for your budget?


What Does the Dog Training Process And Customer On-Boarding Process Look Like?


Our team will call you to find out when you are available to schedule that first 50 cent dog training session and lesson.


We will demonstrate our training skills while working with your dog. Although every dog on the planet is different and may actually react differently to our training style, method and approach, this first dog training lesson will give us both a good feel for what is going to be required to train your dog. However, after about 30 minutes of working with a dog we are typically able to know exactly what your dog needs in order to no longer hold you hostage.


We will give you a specific call to action and game plan for training your dog. After we have invested the time working with your dog we will give you a specific method and the approach that we are going to need to take in order to improve the behavior of your dog. At this point we will also work with you to find the right package and pricing option for your dog and your budget.

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Listed Below Are Frequently Asked Questions That Wonderful Customers Like You Often Ask Us:

How much should I be training my dog?

In order to achieve the best results, training your dog at least twice a week will provide you with sufficient training. The best results will be found if done at least two times a day. Shorter sessions will have more benefits than longer sessions. If going to longer sessions, break up the training into intervals. A sign of wanting to switch is if your dog is not fully present at the sessions. An example of this would be your dog not being fully focused. Never make a dog focus on training when they are done. This will only curtail any learning progress that has already been made.

What age is it easiest to train a dog?

The easiest age to start training a dog is typically eight weeks long. The reason eight weeks is preferable is because of the quickness the dog is able to understand commands and basic training. Included in basic training is house training and getting the puppy the proper socialization they need at that age. By waiting too long, the dog will learn certain patterns of behavior that are not wanted. The puppy also will have much less of an attention span all around. This makes it easier to teach the puppy good behaviors. The only downside to training at this age is that puppies will learn certain behaviors on their own. All of these behaviors will have to be fixed by the owner.


What is the heel command for dogs?

The heel command helps your dog stay in line with you when walking. Nobody wants a dog that is constantly tugging at the leash when walking. By teaching your dog this command, the dog will not tug at the leash any longer and will even be able to walk with you without a leash on. The manners learned from this training are very beneficial for your dog. The dog will obey the owner more and will not cause as many issues when walking. When walking, the left side is usually the side that the heel command is taught on. The heel command is a very useful command that should be taught to every dog.  The pay off is very much worth it, and you will not regret the decision.

Why do dogs like sleeping with you?

Dogs sleep with their owners because they overall feel more comfortable with being with you. Dogs naturally want to sleep with someone, so this is also a factor to consider. When your dog tries to sleep with you, never push them away because it can hurt the bond between you and your dog. Your dog could also be showing affection to you when they lay down next to you in bed. By turning this opportunity away, you could be hurting the relationship you have with your dog. Making your dog feel more comfortable should be the overall goal when they sleep with you. Your dog could also be seeking some type of warmth. For all these reasons, dogs like sleeping with their owners.  




Why does my dog check on me in the bathroom?

Dogs check on their owners in bathrooms for several reasons. One reason can be they feel nervous. Because your dog can not see you and know your whereabouts, they may feel anxious. This can be a reason that they follow you. Your dog could also be concerned about you. Anybody that your dog is attached to can help them feel calm in certain situations. Attachment is the key to success when it comes to training. If your dog checks in on you, don’t push them away, it just means they care about you.

Do dogs like blankets on them? 

Dogs absolutely love blankets on them. Your dog will feel much more comfortable in their home with a blanket when they sleep. Dogs will have a huge improvement on the quality of their life with blankets on them. There are several benefits of blankets that your dog can take advantage of. They can calm your dog in a thunderstorm, covering them up and making them feel safe. If you go on a road trip and take your dog with you, bringing a blanket is a great decision. Warmth can be given to your dog with a blanket. Blankets are also much easier to clean than dog beds are.


Can a dog be trained in 2 weeks?

To put it simply, two weeks of dog training is not a sufficient amount to make a huge difference. Your dog will not have enough time to learn the basics of training, and the routines that come with it. Basic training tools and rewards will be the only thing the dog has learned in the span of two weeks. The most strict routine with training will keep your dog in line. At home training will also be required of the pet owner to fulfill all the steps in training. Training for only two weeks will ensure that you will likely run into the same issues as before. The dog will need to learn the fundamentals first. So no, two weeks of training is not enough to make a huge difference.

What is the 3 3 dog rule?

The 3 3 dog rule refers to the period of time it will take for your dog to become acclimated to their new home. The first three days will be composed of your dog mainly getting used to their new home. The dog will also become used to the social setting and will receive proper socialization. The three days will be your dog shaking off any nerves they have and any fear. By the three weeks come around, the dog should feel more comfortable with where they are. The following three months will be for the personal relationship building between the pet owner and the pet. The owner will want to give this as much time as possible. You do not want to rush the process.

What are the three C’s of dog training?

The three C’s of dog training refer to clarity, consistency, and calmness for your dog to feel as comfortable as possible. With clarity, you will want to have calm but clear commands for your dog to learn. You want your dog to listen to you and this step will be one in the right direction. Let the words of each command have meaning and be consistent. By doing this, your dog will be more familiar with certain commands and will be able to learn more commands through discipline. Consistency is vital to the training of your dog. Without consistency, your dog would learn nothing. Calmness is also required so that your dog does not become fearful of you.

What is the four dog rule?

The four dog rule was a law in Northamptonshire stating homeowners will be fined for walking more than four dogs at once. The fine would be 100 pounds and was greatly decried. The dog walking industry had been one that was most affected by the move. Many in the business pushed back against the law stating that it would ruin their livelihoods. Pay cuts and longer hours were cited as reasons for the push back. The proponents of the law stated the law was pushed in order to keep the community safe while also letting people enjoy public spaces. Since the outcry, the law has been lifted as long as people follow the other requirements. One of these requirements states that any mess left behind must be picked up. It also tells of several areas dogs must be on a leash.



What is the 80 / 20 rule for dogs?

The 80/20 rule is where 80% of results happen with only 20% of effort. This rule has been proven in a wide range of fields and will give you a dog that is much happier. The 80/20 rule impacts the dog in many different ways. One of these is their diet. The mental and physical exercise required of dogs is usually thirty minutes a day. With the 80/20 rule, consistency is very much required in the process. You will want to consistently give your dog a reward when they deserve it. You also will want to tell your dog that what they did was wrong when they do something wrong. By using this rule, you will not have to spend as much time training your dog.

Should I crate my puppy while at work?

It is not recommended to crate your puppy for a long period of time. More than a couple of hours a day is not recommended because of the length of time your dog is caged up. Other needs that your dog has are more important than putting them in a crate. Keeping your dog hydrated, fed, and full of exercise is very important. By keeping your dog in a crate, your dog will not get the proper attention it needs to get the full training experience. Your dog should be active throughout the day as well. Toys and walks are the perfect way to keep your dog busy throughout the day. As a result, crating your puppy all day while at work is not recommended. 

Should a dog eat or walk first?

When feeding your dog, wait an hour before or after you feed them to take them for physical exercise. The risk of gastrointestinal problems rises when taking your dog on physical exercise within that hour. The factor of what your dog eats also plays a huge role when taking your dog for exercise. Bloat can be increased 20% each year after your dog is five years old. This will increase the overall level of bloat. Bloat in dogs is actually fatal in several large breeds. The gastric dilation caused by bloat can cause gas to build up in the stomach. When this happens, blood is cut off from the gut. This is what results in death in large dogs.  

Do dogs need a light on at night?

In order to see, dogs need to have some light at night. Dogs are more adaptable in total darkness than people are but still require some type of light. Devices like nightlights can be useful to help your dog see at night. In order to keep your dog from hurting itself, keeping the light on is something that is highly encouraged. You are not wanting a dog that can not see throughout the night. Vision is one of the best senses a dog has, any extreme darkness can strain their eyes. Your dog will have great vision by keeping the light on at night. Overall, dogs need some light when they are sleeping.

Do dogs get cold at night?

Dogs do get cold at night, especially in the winter. This is why homeowners should get their dogs blankets to help them warm up. Dogs naturally want to warm up with someone, so if your dog wants to sleep with you, do not reject them. In doing so, the relationship you have with your dog can be hurt. There are some dogs who do not usually get as cold as other dogs because of their breed. Saint Bernards and great Pyrenees do not tend to usually get as cold as easily. If your dog gets too cold, problems can arise. Some of these range from frostbite and hypothermia, in extreme cases.  

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