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Boarding School is where your dog comes and stays with us and we take care of all the teaching for you!

Boarding School is typically best for hard cases or busy parents. If you don’t have the time to do homework or just don’t want to do homework that is what boarding school is for! We want to make the process as easy for you and your dog as possible!

Let’s address the elephant in the room. You’re worried that if your dog comes to doggy boarding school they will only listen to us at our facility and not to you at your house or in public. Well let’s be honest it’s pretty pointless training if I get your dog to listen to me and not you or your family. At the end of bootcamps we have 2 to 3 hours of family training to make sure you and your family understand all of the training and to get the whole family on the same page. Also to make sure your dog understands rules at boot camp apply at home and in public. Not only after do you get 2-3 hours of family training after you also get a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – GROUP CLASS FOR LIFE! A lot of trainers say “the training might stick after bootcamp”  That’s basically their excuse to blame you or the dog when they don’t listen. We are so confident that your dog will listen to you after that we offer a money back guarantee. Let’s say down the road your dog doesn’t listen or struggles with something new. That’s why there is a group class for LIFE. Because we want to be there for the rest of your dog’s life!

A reminder: our goal is NEVER obedience at the expense of personality.

Your dog means a lot to you, and we don’t want to affect their personality at all! Our goal is the same dog; however, now it listens. Below are commonly asked questions or concerns about Boarding School. If your questions aren’t answered here give us a call and we will answer them!

What is a doggy boarding school

Doggy boarding school is where your dog or puppy would come and stay with us over night for anywhere from 1-5 weeks. The duration depends on how advanced you want your dog. At our first consultation we can go over the different options and create a package that will make your dog epic!

How long does a dog boot camp last?

Anywhere from 1-5 weeks. It depends on how advanced you’re wanting the training.

Will my dog or puppy forget about me

NEVER! We have absolutely never had this happen. I had a client that found their dog on the beach in Puerto Rico and sent it to training after only having the dog for 1 week. We had the dog for 3 weeks. At the end of the training we did the take home party and the dog looked like it had just known them their whole life. Super excitement. It was awesome!

Will my dog be safe and well-cared for during the boot camp?

ABSOLUTELY! We take the health of the dogs very seriously. We weigh them upon arrival and we feed them the same food you feed your dog. The same schedule as well. We are taking them out multiple times a day and checking poop and pee making sure they are using the bathroom, drinking and eating.

Will my dog be ok around other dogs?

YES! At doggy boarding school dogs are around other dogs but they are always on leash and we never let them get nose to nose with other dogs. We take  it very seriously.




Can any dog benefit from a boot camp, or are there specific issues that are addressed?

YES! We are also tailoring packages specifically for you. If we think your dog will benefit more from one on one training we will let you know!

What happens after the boot camp is over?

At the end of bootcamp there is 2-3 hours of family training to make sure everything transfers to the owner. We want to make sure you understand all of the training! We have to train you as a human as well!

Will I be involved in the training process?

Yes! But not until the end. We want to take care of the hard work for you. We want to teach you everything and then show you have to keep up with it. 

Can I expect my dog to obey commands both at the training facility and in our home environment?

YES! It is absolutely pointless if your dog only listens at our facility. That’s why we offer a money back guarantee on all training! Also you get group class FOREVER because we want to be there for you for life!

Are there any guarantees of success with my dog’s behavior?

YES! You get a money back guarantee!



Are there any guarantees of success with my dog’s behavior?

YES! You get a money back guarantee!

Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?

Please refer to the testimonial page of our website.

What should I bring or prepare for my dog’s stay at the Boarding School?

When our trainer schedules your boarding we will give you all of that information!

Can I visit the boot camp and see the facilities before enrolling my dog?

Absolutely! Just let us know and we can schedule a tour!

Are there any specific breeds that are not accepted into the boot camp?

NO! we train all breeds!

Will my dog be socialized with other dogs during the boot camp?

Your dog will train around other dogs yes! however , your dog will not play will other dogs at bootcamp. We train aggressive dogs all the time and we don’t want to put your dog at risk.

How often will I receive updates on my dog’s progress during the boot camp?

Every Week!

Is there a minimum or maximum age for dogs to enroll in the boot camp?

For all of our training programs the dog has to be at least 4 months old. Any earlier and it’s like teaching an 8 year old calculus.

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