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Why Would You Want to Select Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training? 

With over twenty five years of business experience, the founder of Make Your Dog Epic has been obsessed with improving the lives of his clients and helping his clients to achieve both time and financial freedom. Although many people know Clay Clark as the host of the ThrivetimeShow.com podcast, DJConnection.com, EpicPhotos.com, EITRLounge.com and the author of 20+ books, Clay is most passionate about improving the lives of his clients throughout the country and that includes his Tulsa dog training clients. Although Clay Clark has helped countless business owners to scale and grow their businesses his passion for training business owners has never decreased. To learn more about Clay Clark’s client success stories watch the following incredible success stories and more here:

WATCH – https://rumble.com/v3yjv3p-robert-kiyosaki-acta-non-verba-acts-not-words-.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=10  |   https://www.thrivetimeshow.com/testimonials/

As with Clay Clark’s other business ventures, he believes that you deserve to try it before you buy it and that your first experience with Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Training should be just 50 cents. In fact at Clay Clark’s business Elephant In the Room Men’s Grooming and Tulsa Men’s Haircuts, your first haircut is just $1 and at www.ThrivetimeShow.com, which is the home of Clay Clark’s business growth coaching and conference, your first 13-point assessment is FREE and he also provides scholarship options to make his business growth conferences available for all.

Why Would Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training Service Charge Only 50 Cents for Your First Lesson (While Also Offering Price Beating Specials Throughout the Year)?

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we believe that we are one the best dog trainers in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we believe this with so much passion that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. This is why at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training your first lesson is just 50 cents and we are constantly running price beating specials throughout the year where we guarantee to beat any competitor’s price. 

Because Clay Clark has coached businesses in nearly every industry you can think of he understands that in every industry there are incredible businesses and businesses that focus entirely on scaling “Jackassery” of the highest order. At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we understand that throughout America there are many different business niches in which you will find the best and the worst service providers, in fact in the world of Tulsa dog training this is a fact as well. 

Within the wonderful thriving city of Tulsa, Oklahoma we are lucky enough to have countless tremendous Tulsa dog trainers to choose from, yet we still are told truly terrible stories from customers who have invested the time to check out other dog trainers in Tulsa only to find that many of the dog training companies in Tulsa do not have proven processes and success strategies that have been proven to work. Furthermore, we hear constantly that some other Tulsa dog training services use high-pressure upsell techniques and that they have actually pushed long-time partners out of their business just to increase their profitability. This is why at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training, we are committed to providing your first dog training for just 50 cents and we are willing to beat any competitor’s price on a comparable service.  



Do We Offer Tulsa Dog Training Obedience Classes?

Here at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa dog training we have built an incredible organization that is 100% committed to the idea that your dog must not be allowed to hold you hostage. We believe that when proper Tulsa dog training is administered your dog will become the best friend that you have been looking for and your relationship with your dog will improve dramatically. In fact, we have families tell us all the time that their new dog is now a beloved member of their family. Whether we are talking about business relationships or the relationship between you and your dog at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa dog training we believe in long-term win-win relationships. Just like you wouldn’t push a long-term business partner of your business or dramatically cut the pay of your business partner without their consent, we don’t want your dog to think that they can’t trust you and the way you will manage them. This is why we focus on mentoring and training your Tulsa to truly become your best friend.



What Are the Tulsa Dog Training Services That Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Now Offers?

When you meet our Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa training team you will discover that we gladly offer incredibly affordable Tulsa training services including (and we provide other services as well): 

How Not to Become a Nefarious Money-Embezzling Greedy Business Partner Course – https://rumble.com/v3wrnbt-robert-kiyosaki-acta-non-verba-acts-not-words-.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=14

Take the Free 56-Point Dog Behavior Quiz Today

(If You Answered Yes to More Than 28 of the Questions You Are Definitely In Need of a Professional Tulsa Dog Trainer):

  1. When the doorbell at your home rings, does your dog bark and run around until it migrates over to the front door to harass anyone who is visiting your home?
  2. Does your dog regularly jump on visitors, kids and you?
  3. Does your dog showcase routine destructive behaviors like peeing and pooping on furniture?
  4. Does your dog pull on its leash while you attempt to walk it?
  5. Does your dog play so rough with your children that they get hurt?
  6. Does your dog have routine accidents in your closet or somewhere else in your home?
  7. Does your dog mentally lose it every time that you leave your home?
  8. Does your dog demonstrate embarrassing behavior every time that you take your dog to the veterinarian?
  9. Does your dog growl at neighbors?
  10. Does your dog sprint after joggers?
  11. Does your dog eat your chickens?
  12. Does your dog scratch and claw your car?
  13. Does your dog destroy your clothes?
  14. Does your dog nip at people’s hands?
  15. Does your dog nip at people’s feet?
  16. Does your dog bite children?
  17. Does your dog bite adults?
  18. Does your dog slobber without end?
  19. Does your dog eat its own vomit?
  20. Does your dog eat other animals?
  21. Does your dog routinely rip the heads off of squirrels and cats?
  22. Does your dog murder as many birds as possible in your yard?
  23. Does your dog often bite people at the most embarrassing times?
  24. Does your dog fight with other dogs?
  25. Does your dog chase away mail-carriers?
  26. Does your dog dig deep holes?
  27. Does your dog lick their pee?
  28. Does your dog dig shallow holes?
  29. Does your dog bark at your neighbors?
  30. Does your dog bark at your family?
  31. Does your dog lick its wounds?
  32. Does your dog lick your wounds?
  33. Does your dog eat poop (also known as coprophagia, which is actually very common)?
  34. Does your dog run away?
  35. Does your dog keep impregnating other neighborhood dogs?
  36. Does your dog poop in the bathtub?
  37. Does your dog bite its tail legs or its tail?
  38. Does your dog steal and then hide items that they know they are not supposed to have?
  39. Does your dog drink out of the toilet?
  40. Does your dog hump other dogs?
  41. Does your dog chase its tail?
  42. Does your dog hump other humans?
  43. Does your dog steal items such as food from your home?
  44. Does your dog eat grass?
  45. Does your dog eat from the trash?
  46. Does your dog steal items from the counter?
  47. Does your dog steal items from the table?
  48. Does your dog dig massive holes in the yard?
  49. Does your dog chew on shoes?
  50. Does your dog sniff the butts of other dogs?
  51. Does your dog sniff the butts of humans?
  52. Does your dog chew on children’s toys?
  53. Does your dog ignore you when you call it to come?
  54. Does your  dog demand for attention?
  55. Does your dog howl at the moon?
  56. Does your dog attempt to sing along to music you play in your home?
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What Is the Best Method to Gather More Information About Tulsa Dog Grooming Services?

At this time we currently don’t offer Tulsa dog grooming services, but the owner of our company does offer men’s grooming services at his company Elephant In The Room Tulsa Men’s Groom & Tulsa Men’s Haircuts. Check them out online today at: www.EITRLounge.com. In addition, if you are looking for a referral to the highest rated and most reviewed Tulsa dog grooming services simply call us today at: Although we do not provide Tulsa dog grooming services we would be happy to recommend a high quality Tulsa-based dog grooming business today. Just give us a call at (918) 550-5557 and we shall point you to the best Tulsa dog grooming options that we know about.

Do We Offer Tulsa Puppy Training Classes? 

Is your adorable young Tulsa puppy stressing out as it pees and poops throughout your house when not barking without end? If you have ever owned an adorable Tulsa puppy, you know that this incredible Tulsa puppy can quickly become a terrorist, which we call “Little King” syndrome. And when your dog begins to exhibit “Little King” character traits and begins to demonstrate disloyalty you cannot respond with weak, cowardly and feeble Tulsa dog training. 

Don’t lose hope, simply schedule your first 50 cent Tulsa dog training lesson today and know that our high-quality Tulsa dog trainers will come to the rescue. Here at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we cherish the opportunity to invest time and energy into your puppy because we know that it is a great pay to start the process of dog training with the cute addition to your tribe, to your office and to your family. When you decide to sign up to become a member of our Tulsa puppy training classes community, you will find yourself being mentored on the art of puppy potty training as you are also taught the specific moves that you can use to teach your beautiful puppy not to eat your valuables, to destroy your furniture and the bite, snip and growl and your incredible family and friends.



What Is the Closest Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training Location Near Me? 

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we proudly provide service to Broken Arrow, Beggs, Bixby, Bristow, Coweta, Glenpool, Jenks, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Tulsa and most of the surrounding communities that are also known as “Green Country” or “Northeast Oklahoma.” If you are out there today and you are looking for the highest rated and most reviewed Tulsa dog training service you have come to the right place.

What Is Our Approach to Tulsa Aggression Dog Training?

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa we occasionally have to tell wonderful potential clients that we simply cannot train “White Fang ” or “Cujo” because it is a wolf-dog hybrid and it would endanger our staff to provide Tulsa dog training to the dog. If you the dog could be described as a menace to society, diabolical, soul-sucking, face-eating, weak, cowardly, feeble, double-minded, nefarious, embezzling, or as a high-pressure sales person, we would unfortunately have to decline to offer the Tulsa dog training services. However, as a reminder your first Tulsa dog training lesson is always just 50 cents when you decide to work with Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training.


What Are the Dog Training Immersion And One-On-One Tulsa Dog Training Options That We Offer? 

Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training exudes confidence and beams with enthusiasm because we know that we offer the widest range of dog training services on the planet and that our incredible team of intensely and diligent trained Tuls dog trainers are going to coach you, mentor you and work with you to teach your dog how to become the very best behaved dog it can be. Many wonderful clients like your would prefer that would would drive to them and will happily do that, however many other wonderful clients like you would prefer that we would train your dog at a neutral site, a city park or somewhere in the middle and we are happy to do that as well. With our relentless and diligent dog training program we will work with you to greatly improve your dogs habits and your dog;’s overall way of behaving so that you and your dog can become best friends.



Helping You to Improve the Quality of Your Life By Teaching Your How to Use Best-Practice Tulsa Dog Training Systems:

Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa dog training was created to assist and coach wonderful dog lovers and owners who are similar to you on how to create massive loyalty between you and your dog. As the highest rated and most reviewed dog training company in Oklahoma and potentially the world, we are always hearing from our incredible dog training clients that we have changed their life and have transformed their dog almost into a different and more well behaved creature. People are constantly telling us that they love that we helped to change their dog’s behavior without changing their dog’s personality. Our revolutionary training program is what we call focused-based positive reinforcement dog training and makes us smile just writing about it because we know that it will change your life. However, we recommend that you would not believe what we say and you should be amazed by what we do. Schedule your first Tulsa dog training lesson today for just 50 cents.

Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training
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In all of these situations you first say “OFF” This means knock it off.

They need to  move away then the second command is “Come”. This needs to be proofed so that no matter what is going through the dog’s head they understand they need to come. Next is either sit or place. This will keep them confined to a specific area.

You might feel like this isnt possible with your dog but we will be happy to show you at our 50 cent first lesson! We will work with your dog in front of you and show you!

If you are dealing with this give us a call at 918-550-5557. We are excited to help Tulsa one dog at a time!


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