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To empower your canine companion to become a well-mannered and remarkable pet. Our goal is to ensure that when people meet your furry friend, they can’t help but say, “This is an EPIC dog!”

What sets us apart is our adaptability and proficiency, which extend to all breeds of dogs. From part-wolf hybrids and Tibetan Mastiffs, Pitbulls, tiny 5-pound Chihuahuas, and Maltese, we have successfully trained a diverse array of dogs. At Make Your Dog Epic, we hold a fundamental principle dear: we will never compromise your dog’s unique personality in the pursuit of obedience. OUR GOAL IS NEVER OBEDIENCE AT THE EXPENSE OF PERSONALITY. . We’ve heard countless heartbreaking stories of dogs facing dire consequences due to untreated behavioral issues. The good news is that we have a proven track record, successfully resolving up to 98% of these issues in a remarkably short span of 1-3 weeks.



Aggression in dogs is a complex behavior influenced by both nature and nurture.

Dogs possess innate protective instincts, whether it’s guarding territory, loved ones, or prized possessions. If you’re unsure about what triggers your dog’s aggression or you just want it fixed, our initial evaluation, priced at just 50 cents, provides an opportunity to uncover the underlying causes of your dog’s behavior. During this complimentary assessment, we assess your dog’s unique needs and create a tailored training plan. For dogs grappling with fear or anxiety, our trainers excel at boosting their self-assurance.

Behavioral issues in dogs often stem from two primary sources: Learned Behavior and Genetic Predisposition. For instance, a dog that barks excessively when the mailman shows up has learned that their barking causes the mailman to leave. On the other hand, Genetic Predisposition suggests that certain aggressive tendencies are influenced by your dog’s genetic makeup, often tied to their breeding history.

At Make Your Dog Epic we see two different outcomes with aggression.  First is that it’s completely fixed and the dog goes back to loving everyone and everything. The other is that it’s controlled or managed. What I mean by that is that you can now have an off switch for the growling, barking, etc but we cant make your dog like whatever their current trigger is.

  • Territorial Aggression: This is when they are aggressive around the house, kennel, back yard, or any area they perceive as theirs.
  • Fear Aggression: Dogs may act aggressively when they are afraid or anxious. This type of aggression is often seen in situations where the dog feels trapped or cornered.
  • Social Aggression: This is where your dogs are aggressive towards other dogs. Maybe it’s because your dog got bit by another dog in the past or because its genetic.
  • Possessive Aggression: Dogs can be possessive of their toys, food, or other resources. When someone or another animal or human approaches their possessions, they may become aggressive to protect what they consider theirs.

At Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training, our unwavering commitment is to provide tailored solutions that address your dog’s unique behavior while preserving their distinctive personality.

Your dog may be facing a variety of challenges, from guarding resources to correcting puppy behavior, dealing with aggression towards other dogs or nipping at children, chasing wildlife, displaying aggression towards men, fence-related confrontations, reacting aggressively on a leash, or getting overly excited whenever the doorbell rings. Whatever the challenges may be, we have the expertise to address them. We invite you to join us on this journey of unlocking your dog’s true potential today!

Whether you’re just beginning to notice a behavior issue or have been dealing with it for a while, we urge you not to give up. Behavior modification is not merely our specialty; it’s our passion. Regrettably, many dogs are written off as “beyond help,” especially by those ill-equipped to deal with them. We are here to tell you, “Don’t give up.” Please share your concerns about your dog with us, and we will provide honest opinions and feedback based on our years of experience.

Aggression in dogs is indeed a complex matter, influenced by both genetic predisposition and environmental factors. While certain breeds may have a genetic tendency toward aggression, it can manifest in any breed. Factors like socialization, training, and past experiences play a significant role in shaping a dog’s behavior.

Aggression is not a black-and-white issue; it’s a blend of nature and nurture.

If you’re facing any of these challenges with your dog or have questions about aggressive behavior, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and your furry friend embark on a journey toward a happier life together.





Our approach to addressing aggression in dogs includes the following steps:

Initial Evaluation – Tailored Training Plan –  Obedience Training -Desensitization and Counterconditioning – Group Class

We will evaluate your dogs to figure out your specific needs. Everyone’s dog is different and everyone’s goals are different. Then we create a plan specifically tailored to you and fixing your goals. Then we work on the obedience training that will help with your current issues. Once your dog understands the commands then you will start Desensitizing them to those situations. A big one for aggressive and anxious dogs is group class. We want to get them around other dogs, people, and distractions in a safe environment.

A Recent success story is we worked with a part wolf german shepherd husky mix who had already attacked 3 people and they had to have it caged or tethered back its whole life. It would attack anyone who wasn’t its dad. When I did the first lesson one of the people who was attacked was there with their arm and neck bandaged up. We did one on one training and worked with the dog. It had 8 private lessons which lasted just over a month. That dog will never be able to play with people or dogs but now they are able to have control over the dog and shut off the aggressiveness, growling, and barking. That same dog is now flying on private jets and staying in hotels. It’s living its best life now and has WAY more freedom and a better quality of life.




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