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Are you looking to experience more positive interactions and joy when spending time with your dog? 

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training, Our Interactive Dog Training Systems and Program Will Provide You With the Following Solutions In 1-3 Weeks (And Your First Lesson Is Always Just 50 Cents): 

  1. Educating your dog about how to attentively listen
  2. Stop your dog from jumping
  3. Stop your dog from biting
  4. Stop your dog from nipping
  5. Stop your dog from growling
  6. Stop your dog from mouth
  7. Stop leash pulling
  8. Stop your dog from running away
  9. Stop your dog from digging holes
  10. Stop your dog from barking incessantly
  11. Teach your dog to stay 
  12. Teach your dog to understand basic commands like

So How Does Our Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training System Work?

Step 1 – Your first Tulsa dog training lesson with us is always just 50 cents so that you can experience the professional training that we provide before you decide to invest your time and money into the Tulsa dog training that we provide.

Step 2 – We shall present your with a variety of affordable Tulsa dog training packages based upon the breed of your dog, the age of your dog and the goals that you have for your dog.

Step 3 – You can select the package that best fits your budget and the goals you have for your dog.


What Is the Overall Philosophy of Dog Training That We Provide At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training?

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we understand that the process of dog training must be customized to each and every dog that we work with.

As an example, if you have an older dog without massive behavioral issues, we are typically able to train a dog like this within just a few hours. Also, when dealing with mature dogs, we can often teach them to stop barking and jumping on you within just a few hours as well. With our unique focused-based positive reinforcement training system, the results that we can deliver to you will simply WOW you.

If We Charge 50 Cents for the First Lesson, How Do We Make Any Money?

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we understand that there are many high-quality dog training services within the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, however we truly feel as though we provide the best and most affordable Tulsa dog training possible. Thus, we are willing to invest our time and money into building that long-term relationship with you by providing that first Tulsa dog training lesson for just 50 cents. Also at Make your Dog Epic we provide many different dog solutions including, but not limited to:

  1. Tulsa Dog Immersion Training
  2. Tulsa Dog Private Lessons
  3. Tulsa Dog Group Lessons
  4. Tulsa One-On-One Dog Owner Empowerment Training
  5. Tulsa Aggressive Dog Training
  6. Tulsa Potty Training Classes
  7. Tulsa Puppy Training Classes

Why Are We the Highest Rated And Most Reviewed Dog Trainers In Tulsa, Oklahoma?

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we are simply obsessed with providing the very best service available. And because we are obsessed with providing the very best Tulsa dog training services, wonderful customers like you love leaving us a review after they have experienced the Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training difference.

Take the Free 56-Point Dog Behavior Quiz Today

(If You Answered Yes to More Than 28 of the Questions You Are Definitely In Need of a Professional Tulsa Dog Trainer):

  1. When the doorbell at your home rings, does your dog bark and run around until it migrates over to the front door to harass anyone who is visiting your home?
  2. Does your dog regularly jump on visitors, kids and you?
  3. Does your dog showcase routine destructive behaviors like peeing and pooping on furniture?
  4. Does your dog pull on its leash while you attempt to walk it?
  5. Does your dog play so rough with your children that they get hurt?
  6. Does your dog have routine accidents in your closet or somewhere else in your home?
  7. Does your dog mentally lose it every time that you leave your home?
  8. Does your dog demonstrate embarrassing behavior every time that you take your dog to the veterinarian?
  9. Does your dog growl at neighbors?
  10. Does your dog sprint after joggers?
  11. Does your dog eat your chickens?
  12. Does your dog scratch and claw your car?
  13. Does your dog destroy your clothes?
  14. Does your dog nip at people’s hands?
  15. Does your dog nip at people’s feet?
  16. Does your dog bite children?
  17. Does your dog bite adults?
  18. Does your dog slobber without end?
  19. Does your dog eat its own vomit?
  20. Does your dog eat other animals?
  21. Does your dog routinely rip the heads off of squirrels and cats?
  22. Does your dog murder as many birds as possible in your yard?
  23. Does your dog often bite people at the most embarrassing times?
  24. Does your dog fight with other dogs?
  25. Does your dog chase away mail-carriers?
  26. Does your dog dig deep holes?
  27. Does your dog lick their pee?
  28. Does your dog dig shallow holes?
  29. Does your dog bark at your neighbors?
  30. Does your dog bark at your family?
  31. Does your dog lick its wounds?
  32. Does your dog lick your wounds?
  33. Does your dog eat poop (also known as coprophagia, which is actually very common)?
  34. Does your dog run away?
  35. Does your dog keep impregnating other neighborhood dogs?
  36. Does your dog poop in the bathtub?
  37. Does your dog bite its tail legs or its tail?
  38. Does your dog steal and then hide items that they know they are not supposed to have?
  39. Does your dog drink out of the toilet?
  40. Does your dog hump other dogs?
  41. Does your dog chase its tail?
  42. Does your dog hump other humans?
  43. Does your dog steal items such as food from your home?
  44. Does your dog eat grass?
  45. Does your dog eat from the trash?
  46. Does your dog steal items from the counter?
  47. Does your dog steal items from the table?
  48. Does your dog dig massive holes in the yard?
  49. Does your dog chew on shoes?
  50. Does your dog sniff the butts of other dogs?
  51. Does your dog sniff the butts of humans?
  52. Does your dog chew on children’s toys?
  53. Does your dog ignore you when you call it to come?
  54. Does your  dog demand for attention?
  55. Does your dog howl at the moon?
  56. Does your dog attempt to sing along to music you play in your home?
Tulsa Dog Training FLuffyDog

Why Do We Not List the Prices On Our Website At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training? 

Having run businesses for twenty five years plus, we understand the importance of being willing to earn your business by beating or matching any competitor’s prices while providing equal or better service. That is why at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we are happy to run dog training specials often where we will actually match or beat any competitor’s prices.


In What Areas Do We Provide Tulsa Dog Training Services?

Currently we offer Tulsa Dog Training lessons for families and dogs located in the following cities and more: Beggs, Bixby. Broken Arrow, Coweta, Jenks, Glenpool, Owasso, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Tulsa and more. If you would like to learn more information about our Tulsa group lesson and Tulsa group dog training classes simply give us a call today at: (918) 550-5557 or you can simply schedule your first lesson for just 50 cents today at: https://makeyourdogepic.com/contact/

If you are looking for a Tulsa-based dog trainer that you can trust, simply fill out the form and request additional information, because we would love to provide that first Tulsa dog training lesson for you for just 50 cents today.

The ultimate reason that we are in the Tulsa dog training business is that we want for you to be able to develop an incredible relationship with both you and your dog.

Imagine Being Able to Take Your Tulsa Dog Everywhere That You Travel Without Having to Worry Dog Behavior Issues? 

Although it may seem nearly impossible, at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa we help wonderful clients just like you to improve the behavior of your dog on a daily basis to the point that you will be able to bring your dog nearly everywhere.

We want your dog to be able to trust you and we want for you to be able to trust that your dog has become a well-trained and trusted companion. Once your Tulsa dog becomes well behaved you will be able to take your dog on a run, on a walk, throughout the neighbors, to the grocery stores, on a visit to the lake, on a visit to your family’s homes, and everywhere that you want to go. At Make Your Dog Epic our Tulsa dog trainers are all obsessed with dogs and love dogs to level that is almost unhealthy?

Why Do All of the Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Trainers Love Dogs So Much?

The reason why our dog trainers love dogs so much is because we are focused on building a team of dog trainers that love dogs and who truly believe that your dog can become your best friend if your dog is properly trained. At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we know from first-hand experience what it is like to be surrounded by obedient dogs that have no problem following lessons and commands because the dogs that we surround ourselves with are all properly trained. Our goal at Make Your Dog Epic is for your dog to be obedient to your commands one hundred percent of the time. 

Why Do We Focus On Training Your Dog Without Changing Your Dog’s Personality?

Many dog training companies train dogs in a way that forever alters a dog’s personality and that turns your once upbeat dog into a fearful canine. In the dog training world there are too many philosophies towards dog training. There is positive reinforcement focused dog training and there is negative reinforcement focused dog training. Although we know that both kinds of dog training have been proven to work, we want your dog to enjoy the dog training experience because we know that many dogs are in fact very intelligent animals with wonderful personalities. Dog training as we know it began back in the early 1900s to train dogs to become companions for war. After World War II ended, dogs then began to become widely accepted as domesticated animals.

The dog training systems and methods that came out of the World War II experience are often referred to as “Traditional Methods.” The main training methods that existed at this time consisted of choke chains, dog shock collars, dog pinch collars and prongs. The overall concept of dog training at this time was based upon the idea that dogs need to suffer for making the wrong decisions. This form of training was based on the idea that if the dog did the right thing during training then pain and the bad would go away. This training overall could be summarized as, “do the right thing or else.”

However, since the 1940s a new kind of dog training has been created which is more based on creating a positive experience for the dog during the dog training experience and this is the method and belief that we use at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa dog training. At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training We Believe In Using Our Unique Training System which we refer to as focus-based positive reinforcement dog training.


Listed below we have provided many different reasons as to why we simply do not choose to use positive reinforcement dog training only:

  1. We do not want your dog to learn to chase the best reward only. This leads to disloyalty in dog training and getting screwed over in business. As an example if your dog sees that there is a better reward available by disobeying it will do it. In business if your business partner has not moral compass they will gladly embezzle money from you and push you out of a business all-together if they have no moral compass and they are simply chasing the highest reward.
  2. Because providing food rewards requires you as a trainer to provide the food rewards to your dog almost instantly, it makes it nearly impossible to deliver Tulsa dog training lessons in a group environment.
  3. If your dog learns to behave based simply upon the treats that it receives it will learn to behave better around the person who gives the dog the most treats and this is not a sustainable plan.
  4. Many dogs simply are not very inspired based upon simply receiving food rewards. Just like people, some dogs do not choose to eat very much.
  5. Many owners of dogs do not like the idea that they have to provide food for the dog every time that the dog does the right thing.
  6. When training super small breeds of dogs they can become physically full very quickly which would make it very hard for the dog to endure a longer training session.
  7. It has been shown time and time again that most dogs do not respond well to treat-based incentives when they are located in a very busy and public location.
  8. Training your dog based simply upon giving them treats can create a scenario where your Tulsa dog will simply not listen unless the dog is hungry.

What Is Wrong With Using Negative Reinforcement Dog Training As the Primary Form of Dog Training?

  1. This method of dog training is often not appropriate and will not work for people that personally have a problem with providing any kind of negative reinforcement for the Tulsa dog.
  1. When using negative reinforcement to train a dog you may quickly create a scenario where you find that your dog simply does not like you any more. This form of training has been shown to burn out dogs and simply get them to a place where they do not want to be around humans.
  1. When you are using negative reinforcement to train dogs that are already aggressive it has been shown to make these super aggressive dogs even more aggressive and this can become dangerous real quick. Using negatives can make aggressive dogs more aggressive.
  1. When you are using prongs, pinches and choke collars you are physically injuring a dog and overtime this will damage a dog’s throat and this is not good.
  2. When you are investing the time to train a dog using a prong, shock collar or pinch collar this does not translate well into your Tulsa dog becoming a great off leash dog. The entire goal of dog training is for your dog to become a great off-leash dog and that is well behaved off-leash.

What Is Wrong With Using Traditional Shock Collars to Train Tulsa Dogs?

Problems with shock collars!
First off, what is a shock collar really all about? The typical shock collar on the market today is the equivalent of hooking your dog’s body and throat to a very painful electric fence. 
For those that do not know, shock collars were actually first invented over twenty give years ago as a way to punish cattle and dogs that were not behaving the way that the owner wanted them to. The first shock collars were unbelievably painful for animals and were a very violent way to handle animals. 


What Is Wrong With Most Store Bought Dog Training Shock Collars?

  1. The vast majority of the dog training shock collars that exist in the market today are much more dangerous and forceful than people know.
  2. These store bought shock collars can scare your dog and create a situation where you dog is terrified at all times and this will cause your dog to not trust you and to not want to participate in Tulsa dog training.
  3. Store bought dog training shock collars do not have the ability to make small adjustments in intensity. They basically provide massive increases in power with very small adjustments. Thus, you cannot provide nuanced power increments to your dog.
  4. Most of these store bought dog training collars will make your dog more aggressive and that is not what you or we want. 

    What Kind of Training Do We Provide At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training?

    At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we have focused on creating a dog training process that dog owners can quickly learn, thus dog owners and dogs themselves love our training program.

    Our focused-based positive reinforcement dog training method and systems is based upon our ability to get your dog to implement our proven commands consistently so that you can fully enjoy traveling and being with your dog off-leash. With our dog training system we make sure that your dog learns the ability to focus and the ability to consistently implement that commands that we teach by diligent investing in a massive amount of repetition while training your dog in an environment where your dog is not constantly distracted by the environment all around them.

    In order for you to experience the incredible Tulsa dog training services that we provide we make sure that your first Tulsa dog training lesson is always just 50 cents. We do this because we know that once you and your dog experience our training method you will be wowed to the point that you will want to learn more about the services we provide. After that first dog training lesson that we provide we will provide you with a variety of affordable dog training packages based upon the dog’s breed and your needs.

    To learn more more about Make Your Dog Epic and the Tulsa training services that we provide give us a call today at: (918) 550-5557 or by visiting us online today at: https://makeyourdogepic.com/contact/


Want to Learn More About Positive Reinforcement Dog Training And the History of Dog Training?

Did you know that traditional Positive Reinforcement Dog Training began in the 1940’s yet it really did not gain any momentum or notoriety until approximately the year 2000? The early positive reinforcement dog trainers were all students of a well known psychologist by the name of BF Skinner who actually created the phrase that is known today as “operant conditioning.” The “operant conditioning” method is a method where actual learning begins to occur through either punishments or regards. The idea is that “operant conditioning” and the power of association is learned through connecting an action with a consequence.

However, it was very hard for positive reinforcement training to compete in the marketplace of ideas with the ultra-successful dog training methods that were already in place throughout the world. However, the most recent pioneer of positive reinforcement dog training is a man by the name of Ian Dunbar. Ian Dunbar went on to become the founder of the well-known Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and he actually also created what many believe to be the first off-leash dog / puppy training program that was designed to make puppy training fun for the dog, easy for the trainer and the dog and the safe for all.

Want to Learn More About the Best Dog Training In Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the best places to live and raise a family in the state of Oklahoma. However, as one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas you will find that Tulsa has many dog trainers to choose from. It is because of this that we pride ourselves on being the highest rated and most reviewed dog trainer in Oklahoma.


How Does Our Dog Training Program Work?

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training your first Tulsa dog training lesson is just 50 cents. After we demonstrate our training system and method, we will then work with you to find the best Tulsa dog training package for your dog’s breed and your dog’s needs. We also have Tulsa’s most affordable dog training packages so we can work with nearly any budget to make our Tulsa dog training service affordable for all.

Learn More About Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training Service Today At:

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