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Is Experience Required to Join the Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training Team?

Experience is not needed to join the team, however we will pour hours into helping you to become the very best dog trainer you can possibly become.

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Yes, We Are Now & Always Hiring!

Because Are Always Expanding And Thus We Are Always Hiring, Inspiring, Training & Retaining Great People Like You

When you join the Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training team you find yourself working in an upbeat environment surrounded by upbeat people that love people and love dogs. As we continue to expand and to grow our biggest limiting factor is finding great people like you. When you join the Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training business and team you are joining a fast-paced work environment where our ownership team is always present and self-improvement and development is taught, and encouraged. If you want to work in an enthusiastic environment where the ownership has a proven track record of building super successful companies, you will love working at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training.

What Job Openings And Positions Is Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training Hiring For?

What Does the Job On-Boarding Process Look Like?

When you apply for a position with Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training a member of our team will call you to schedule an initial interview with you.

What Are We Looking for In the Employees That We Hire?

At Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training we look to hire people with the following 4 character traits.

Energy – We look to hire people that have great energy and people that come to work with a genuine enthusiasm to make every day the best it can be.

Edge – We look to hire people that have the edge to make the tough call and to hold people accountable to following our proven processes, systems and success strategies.

Energize – We look to hire people that can energize others and people that have a genuine desire to fire up others with a spirit of diligence and excellence.

Execute – We look to hire people that can get the job done right and on time.

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What Do We Not Look for In the People That We Hire?

Keyboard Warriors – At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we will not work with weak men and women who are keyboard warriors. We all know that type of individual that won’t speak to your face the nefarious things that they will type.

Passive Aggressive People – At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we don’t hire passive aggressive people who plot, scheme and brood about the daily issues of life rather than attempting to solve their problems.

Petty People – At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we don’t hire people that are petty and who choose to focus on things that don’t matter while neglecting the things that do matter.

Ungrateful People – At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we don’t hire ungrateful people that routinely violate their verbal or signed commitments out of laziness, greed or a desire to take advantage of others.


Listed Below We Have Featured Many Frequently Asked Dog Training Related Questions That Our Tulsa Dog Training Customers Often Ask:

Should you put your hand in front of a Tulsa dog?

Owners should not put their hand in front of dogs because there are many better options. Letting your dog come to you shows that your dog wants the interaction as a pet. If they do not come to you, letting your dog stay will show them that their space is respected. In every scenario, you want to keep your dog in enough control that they are comfortable. Do not directly look at your dog. By doing this, your dog may feel more anxious and upset than looking from the side. When your dog approaches you, they should then want to greet you. With every movement, be calm and slow with every action.

How long can a trained Tulsa dog be left alone?

Older dogs can usually be left alone between eight to nine hours throughout the day. Puppies on average need more attention. Any puppies under six months of age should not be left alone for an extended period of time. Some puppies will have destructive behavior when they are left alone. Some puppies will sleep for an extended time, so it is all dependent on what your puppy is needing. Figuring out what your puppy needs as early as possible is highly recommended. Keeping your puppy in a crate can be something to consider as well. Exercise can.


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Can a bad Tulsa dog be trained?

Bad dogs can even be trained. The best way to keep your dog from continuing bad behavior is with training. The basics of training are teaching your dog to stop any bad behavior. The redirection of any bad behavior is also necessary to teach your dog to stop. Tons of affection and attention are ways to stop any bad behavior from continuing. Getting to the root of the problem of why your dog has bad behavior is another necessary step. If there is anything causing the bad behavior, immediately stop it. Bad dogs can even get the proper training they need.  

Why do Tulsa dogs get the zoomies?

Dogs get what are called the zoomies because of the energy that has built up over time. They then release all of the energy in a very short span of time. There are several other factors for the zoomies. When your dog is much more naturally energized is another time the dogs frequently have large amounts of energy. The behavior is one that is natural and many dogs do this. Owners will want to keep track of how often it takes place and how to fix it. Certain stressful situations can also affect the energy level your dogs have. If they are near an intimidating animal or are going to the vet, the zoomies are more frequent.

How long is too late to train a Tulsa dog?

It is never too late to train your dog. There are older dogs that receive training all of the time. There are several benefits to training your dog till they are older. Some older dogs are less energetic which can help them focus on the training. The downside of waiting to train is getting rid of bad behavior. Your dog may be so used to certain behaviors that make it more difficult to make them change. Chewing and begging are very common issues that persist when training an older dog. It is overall better to start training at a younger age.   

What happens if you never train your Tulsa dog?

If you never train your dog, the dog can become increasingly destructive. Bad behavior will become more frequent and cause major issues. Aggression arises from bad behavior which can cause injuries to other dogs or even people. Nobody wants the stress of having to deal with a bad dog. By training your dog, the dog will become more calm and less aggressive which overall increases the happiness of your dog. Conflict can be greatly avoided because your dog will become more obedient. Your dog will also receive proper socialization with other dogs. Training is highly recommended.

Why do Tulsa dogs spin before they poop?

Dogs spin before they poop to clear out the space. It also gives them a good view of their surroundings right before they do their business. Dogs want to make sure they are completely safe without predators before they poop. Dogs are like people in that they want a very clean space to go to the bathroom. Nobody wants to go to a spot that is unclean. One theory for dogs doing this is also a stimulation to go to the restroom. The behavior is not one that should give any pet owners worry. The process is one that is completely natural.

How do Tulsa dogs show sadness?

Dogs show different signs that indicate they are sad. Your dog not having an appetite is one sign of your dog being sad. There are examples of dogs isolating themself from their owners when they are sad. Depression can also make your dog filled with anxiety which can cause even more issues. Anxiety can cause destructive and aggressive behavior. Some dogs will even hide their depression. Dogs will look depressed in isolation and will become happier with other dogs. These are a few ways you can tell if your dog is sad.

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What is the most clingy breed of dog?

The clingiest dog you will find is known as the Vizsla. These dogs are only happy when they are right by their owner’s side. These are followed by labrador retrievers and golden retrievers, so if you want an independent dog, it is best to avoid any dog of the retriever ilk. There are some other dogs, like a german shepherd, these can be quite clingy, but quite as much as the vizsla. Some people enjoy their dogs being attached at the hip, so if that is you then refer to these breeds to get started. Just don’t blame us when you wake up in the middle of the night and your furry friend is staring at you, which in turn makes you unable to sleep, which inturn begins a vicious sleep deprivation cycle, which in turn makes your work performance suffer, which in turn causes you to lose your job, which in turn necessitates you living under a bridge with said clingy dog. Not saying this will happen, just saying, don’t blame us if it DOES happen.

What noise is calming to dogs?

A study was conducted by an animal behaviorist to determine what music had the most relaxing effect on dogs, which sounds like a pretty amazing job, literally just watching puppies fall asleep all day, doesn’t get any better than that. After this behaviorist conducted their studies and posted copious amounts of adorable dog photos to their social media, it was determined that classical music was the most relaxing music for dogs. Unsurprisingly, it was found that heavy metal music was not as relaxing. Also general conversation, did not allow for a dog to go to sleep as effectively, especially when the conversation involved several mentions of the word “treat,” to which made the dogs ears perk up frequently.

Things that annoy dogs?

Dogs get annoyed by things you would expect them to get annoyed by. High pitched sounds, yelling, long isolation, lack of stimulation are common. Roombas are also incredibly annoying for dogs. They are honestly just not sure how to take them, they probably think to themselves, “What is this thing?” and “What is this even for?” or “Is this thing going to replace me in the household.” All sorts of thoughts may enter a dog’s mind when trying to understand the profundity that is a roomba. Other things that annoy dogs include promising them a treat for completing a command, then not giving them the treat, but it’s hard not to agree with the dog on that one. The last (admittedly untested) thing that might annoy your dog includes, pointing at their chest and saying “what’s that?” then upon them looking down, booping their nose and saying “Got ya!”

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Do you have questions about Tulsa dog training classes?

If you have any questions about Tulsa dog training classes, we encourage you to contact us using a variety of methods. The traditional ways of contact include filling out the contact form on our website or giving us a call at the number at the top of the website. Non-traditional methods include the postal office, carrier pigeon, message in a bottle or a telegram. These latter methods are greatly discouraged as the phone has proven to be far more effective at getting a hold of people in recent history. Either way we would be happy to hear from you if you have any questions.

What causes Tulsa dogs to get the zoomies?

Zoomies are a result of built up excess energy which is released in one short burst. Dog zoomies as they are commonly referred to should not be confused with cat zoomies. The main difference is cat zoomies occur when a cat gets zoomies as opposed to dog zoomies, you guessed it, when dogs get zoomies. Zoomies are perfectly natural so there is nothing to worry about if your dog gets zoomies. To decrease the occurrence of dog zoomies, we recommend not feeding your dog copious amounts of espresso, not only is this a hazard to their health, but this will increase the frequency and longevity of their zoomies.

How do you show your Tulsa dog dominance?

Some trainers may suggest punitive measures, such as smacking them on the nose. We do not recommend these methods as this can trigger a reactive puppy and make their underlying behaviors worse. You can opt for traditional methods such as stealing their lunch money, or making them sit alone at the school cafeteria. These methods worked in the human high school environment for years, so why not try?

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Is it OK to pin down a puppy?

Punitive measures should never be resorted to when training dogs, however context is important. Questions that can be asked to establish context include “Did the dog challenge me to a wrestling match?” or “Is the dog trying to complete an ill-advised highwire act that it is not properly trained to handle, thus exposing him to a high chance of injury?” In these cases one could see this being okay, but outside these situations, pinning down a puppy is not recommended.

What should I not say to a Tulsa dog?

In general, don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your own grandmother. Regardless of what you say, dogs do not understand English though, so it is more about how you say it than what you say. With this in mind it is best to avoid raising your voice in any fashion. Try maintaining an even tone when you speak to your dog and it is recommended for your dog to receive numerous positive affirmations throughout the day.

What sounds do dogs hate?

There are a number of sounds a dog hates. Many of these include the ones you would expect, such as emergency vehicle sirens, thunder and lightning, and any high pitched noises. Other non-traditional sounds they may not enjoy include the most annoying sound in the world from the movie “Dumb and Dumber” and also Nickelback songs. Although occasionally you will find a dog that does enjoy the music. Because a dog can not give you feedback on the music it is difficult to say which particular songs they do and do not like. In general if your dog begins barking, or covering its ears when playing certain songs, one can conclude the dog may not like those songs.

Why shouldn’t you let your Tulas dog follow you into the bathroom?

The only case where a dog should not follow you into the bathroom is when they are showing signs of anxiety. Another scenario would be if you feel uncomfortable having a dog stare at you while you use the bathroom, in which case by all means redirect your dog to another area of the house. Your dog may think this is unfair because they see you watching when they are pooping, but since the dog lives rent free there is not much he can say. If he does begin paying the bills then he may have a case. It is best to negotiate rent terms with your dog when they are younger so they don’t become complacent with freeloading.

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Where should you not take a Tulsa dog?

A dog should not be around chocolate because of the adverse reaction they have to it. Therefore one can conclude that chocolate factories would be a bad place to take them. Also the chocolate river from Willy Wonka’s house would not be recommended. Onions are also unsafe for dogs to eat so you should keep your furry friend away from onion farms, onion factories, really anywhere with a lot of onions. The data is inconclusive on the popular chip Funions, but until further studies are conducted it is best to stay away from those as well. Another one to avoid is garlic, especially if your dog is part vampire, which would be even worse. Both dogs and vampires react poorly to garlic.

What are Tulsa dogs most scared of?

Dogs are scared of things that most people are scared of. A great example of this is the floorboard creaking in the night, or the total darkness. A very common source of dog’s nightmares include what is referred to as noise phobias, these include aversions to particular sounds, like thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots and other loud noises. This is because dogs are particularly attuned to their environment. To avoid these phobias, avoid the source of these phobias, for example if your dog is scared of fireworks, it is recommended to avoid taking them to firework shows.

How do dogs pick their favorite person?

Dogs will pick their favorite person or persons, based on the positive experiences they associate with them. Experiences like love, shelter and comfort will all lend themselves to your dog growing more fond of you. If you provide these things for a dog they will like you as a result. So be intentional about how you act around your dog as they are actively shaping their perception of you as you interact with them. Every interaction, especially when they are young, is an opportunity for them to feel safely attached or to regress in their behavior.

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How do dogs show dominance over their owners? 

The majority of dogs will be either neutral or submissive in regard to their owners. However, occasionally a dog will try to exert dominance over their owner. Common behaviors of this will include staring, growling, snapping, barking, even biting in rare instances, when given a command. Other times you may see this behavior is when they are asked to give up a treat or something they consider of value, like a resting place.

Does sleeping with your dog cause separation anxiety?

It is a commonly held belief that allowing dogs to sleep in the same bed as their own can cause, or at the very least exacerbate symptoms of separation anxiety. While it is possible that it could, there have been no conclusive findings to determine if that is true or not.

What is a dog trying to tell me when it puts its paw on me?

There are multiple reasons a dog may put his paw on you. Sometimes it is to say “I love you,” other times it is a way of stating that it needs a treat, water or potty break. Still other dogs may paw at you because they are trying to psychologically manipulate you with their cuteness, in order to get a treat, a bone, or the highly desired “human food.” It is best to examine context in these situations. If this behavior occurs when you are eating a pizza it is likely the latter reason.

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Can dogs sense a good person?

Dogs can determine a good or bad person. While they can not come to that conclusion based on moral decisions, they can pick up on behavioral cues like nervousness, anger, fear and more. Oftentimes dogs are more adept at picking these behaviors up than humans, so if you find your furry friend staring at you judgmentally, it is likely not a coincidence and you should probably sit down and conduct a self assessment as he is likely on to something.

Do dogs know when we kiss them?

According to animal behaviorists (which sounds like a great job), dogs do not understand human kisses the same way that humans do. However they do associate kisses with other occurrences like safety, comfort and security, so that would explain why they are so fond of kisses. So in the traditional sense, they do not understand kisses, but they still have a positive association with kisses.

Why do dogs want to sleep on your bed?

Simply put, if your dog enjoys being on your bed it is because your bed is comfortable. You try going from a mattress topper to a cheap store bought doggie bed and try not to suffer from a lack of comfortability, it’s not going to happen. Maybe next time you get a mattress topper or new sheets, you consider picking one up for your furry friend as well. Previously animal behavior experts thought sleeping on their owners bed was a show of dominance, but this commonly held theory has been debunked.

What are the signs of an alpha dog? 

Common signs of an alpha dog include aggression when they sense competition and being an attention hoarder. Other signs include not following orders or dominating particular spots in a house, like a certain spot on a couch. Still other behaviors amy include wearing Tapout apparel, flexing in the mirror at the gym, making loud noises when lifting heavy weights at the gym and more. Although these last three behaviors are more frequently seen in humans, one should look out for these negative behaviors manifesting themselves in their dog’s behaviors as well.

How do dogs show disrespect?

Dogs can show disrespect in a lot of different ways. The traditional ways are flat out ignoring commands, rushing through doors before you, pulling against their leash and avoiding eye contact, although this last one could be because it is submissive, so analyzing context is important. Other less traditional ways a dog might disrespect you, is scuffing your kicks, sub tweeting you or recording a diss track and releasing it on Sound cloud.

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How can you show your dog you are the boss?

The best way to show your dog you are the boss, is to complain about the quality of their TPS reports and frequently passing them over for promotions. You can also make them relocate their work area or desk so they can’t get comfortable. All these let your dog know you are in control of the office and they will have to listen to you. Lastly, if they do hit their quarterly performance quotas, you can take credit for it at the regional managers meeting.

What is the laziest breed of dog?

Dogs that are routinely seen as lazy and thus make a great fit for apartment living include the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are quite intelligent and naturally very quiet, unless they have been poorly trained, which won’t happen if your choose Make Your Dog Epic for your training needs. They are also only 10-20 pounds, so they are a great fit for someone in a studio apartment. Because of their small size, quiet nature and laziness, they are NOT recommended as guard dogs. They would be extremely ineffective in this role. If someone tried to break into your home, they would alert you to nothing, they would be too lazy to do anything about it, and supposing they randomly got the zoomies and weren’t lazy, they would be too small to help you fend off an attacker. It is extremely important to know, do not buy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel if you are seeking to deploy him as a guard dog. If you are looking for a low maintenance cuddle buddy, they are recommended though.

Other examples of lazy dogs include, English Bulldogs, Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Pinschers, Pugs, basset Hounds, Boston Terriers, Chow Chows, Tibetan Spaniels and Bullmastiffs. These are not personal attacks on these breeds, these are just facts. They are still great dogs, they are just more of the low key variety of pet companion. Once again do not get these breeds if looking for a guard dog.

If you do decide to get one of these breeds of dogs make sure to get them exercise. Even though they are lazy, you will want to get them some sort of physical exercise daily. You don’t want to make a lazy dog even lazier with bad habits. Next thing you know they will be living in your basement in their thirties, playing video games and eating hot pockets instead of getting a job. If you care about your lazy friend, don;t let this happen and get them out for walks every day, even begrudgingly so. They will appreciate you for it later in life.

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What are the most important skills for Tulsa dog training?

The three foundational commands you will want to teach your dog are sit, stay and come. Without these three your dog will not have the firm foundation needed to learn other more skilled commands. So early lessons should focus on these three core competencies. From that foundation, other skills can be added, but if not, you are putting the cart before the horse, or the leash before the dog, or the sleigh before the reindeer, or any other pithy aphorism you can come up with for that scenario. We are extremely passionate about well trained dogs and we want you to get this part right, so that is why we stress the importance of these three core competencies first.

What is the most popular Tulsa dog training method?

Dogs respond best to the positive reinforcement training. This method focuses on rewarding positive behavior as opposed to punishing bad behavior. You will find that most vets agree with this, if you don’t take our word for it feel free to conduct a poll amongst your local veterinary clinics.

Other less popular methods include, jiu-jitsu and muay thai, but there is limited data on the effectiveness of these training methods. These are also fighting disciplines as opposed to dog training models, so we can neither agree or outright deny as to the effectiveness of these particular methods.

What are the three C’s of Tulsa dog training?

It depends on who you ask. If you ask most trainers, they would say clarity, consistency, and calmness. Clarity means being clear with your commands. Consistency means getting your dog on a consistent routine and being consistent with praise and the commands you give. Calmness refers to the calmness in which you reward your dog or tell them no. If they do misbehave you want to remain as calm as possible. If you ask a dog what the three C’s (On the presumption they can speak), they would tell you Cats, Cats and Cats.

How do Tulsa dogs respond to punishment?

The majority of dogs do not always understand exactly why they are being punished. They have trouble connecting the negative behavior to the consequence. That is why punitive measures are not as effective as rewarding their positive behavior. This can be likened to if you were in high school and somebody made something up about you to another friend, and that friend began hating you for no reason. Basically you punishing your dog, makes them feel like you in high school when you were bullied.

How do you discipline a Tulsa dog for snapping?

When your dog engages in snapping behavior immediately tell them firmly “no.” Use the same word for “no” always so they can associate that word with stopping the negative behavior. When they do stop the behavior reward them with a pet or treat.

Some things that are not recommended include:

  • Snapping back at them
  • Sticking your finger in their snapping mouth
  • Rewarding the negative behavior because you are scared and allow them to assert dominance over you
  • Tickling them
  • Taking a selfie with them and posting it on the socials

Can Tulsa dogs sense if you don’t like them?

Dogs are extremely attune to the way humans act and sound. If you sound upset they will likely know you are upset, that is because they can associate your mood with your conduct. So as a result, yes dogs can tell if you like them or don’t like them, but come on, who doesn’t like dogs? If you don’t like dogs maybe you’re the problem not the dog, just a thought. If a dog doesn;t like you and you like the dog, it is because the dog picks up on behavioral cues about you so it can generally gauge if you are a good person or not.

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What smells do Tulsa dogs hate?

Your dog will typically hate stronger smells like mothballs, alcohol, nail polish and cleaning products. Do not use these as deterrents for a dog’s negative behavior though. Not only do they not like them, they are also toxic and harmful to them, which is why they probably don;t like them in the first place. Outside of that, dogs don’t like the same smells most humans are not fond of, like rancid meat, farts and other smelly things.

Why do dogs stare at you?

Dogs will stare into the eyes of their owner as a way to express affection. Mutual staring can release oxytocin, which plays a role in bonding and boosts feelings of love and trust. Other reasons they may stare at you include trying to hypnotize you, or gazing deep into your soul because they are daydreaming and pondering the profundity of the world as they see it. These last two reasons are inconclusive, but it could be the reason they are staring at you and certainly can’t be ruled out.

Do dogs have a favorite person?  

You bet dogs have a favorite person and if it’s not you there is no sense in lying about it. You just need to own up to the fact that the dog does not like you and move on with your day. Do not get caught up in trying to earn that dog’s affection with pets and treats, it is likely they are trying to manipulate in order to get more treats. In the long run, if you allow this cycle of manipulation to continue, your treat budget will be excessively high, you will not have earned the dogg respect or affection and the dog will likely be morbidly obese. This is what we call a lose-lose-lose scenario. Do not fall into the earning affection trap.

What is hello in dog language?

When dogs are close, a good greeting will include walking up to each other and sniffing, this “dog handshake” typically ends with dogs sniffing each other’s butts. After this is complete, dogs should be friendly to play with. This ritual is not one humans should practice, do not sniff someone’s butt at the gym before playing basketball with them, if you do, it is likely no one will want to play basketball with you anymore. Don’t ever be excluded from pick-up basketball games, leave the butt sniffing to the dogs.

Do dogs miss you?

Dogs absolutely miss their owner when they are gone. Studies have been conducted that include brain scans. These brain scans showed dogs displaying negative emotions in the absence of their owners. These reactions can vary based on breeds and temperaments. So the next time your dog gives you the sad puppy face when you are leaving the house, just know that yes your dog is sad at that moment and you should feel bad about leaving him.

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Whenever you decide to have your dog work with Make your dog epic you will get a lot of value you just won’t find anywhere else.

We offer a wide array of different options to give you and your dog the confidence and discipline needed to take on the world, in EPIC fashion! Options include private lessons, this gives your dog the one-on-one attention needed to work on specific commands, but we also have group classes, which add a touch of socialization as well. Both are great options. Schedule your initial fifty cent lesson and we can develop an EPIC plan tailored specifically for your dog.

If your dog chooses Make your dog epic, the results will be epic. What kind of results can you expect from your furry friend after lessons with Make Your Dog Epic? Your dog will:

  • Be the most well-behaved boy in the neighborhood
  • Never potty inside and look at you in shame
  • Have self-confidence knowing he is better than other dogs
  • Be able to “backpack” on command
  • Be able to “play dead” on command
  • Be able to “anchor” on command
  • Be able to “fetch” on command
  • Be able to “drop” on command
  • Be able to “settle” on command
  • Be able to “roll over” on command
  • Be able to “jump” on command

If you want your dog to be an expert in all of those fields, then the choice is easy, book your first lesson for just 50 cents at Make Your Dog Epic today, you will not regret his decision. As a matter of fact it will likely be the best decision you have ever made for you and your dog. Booking your first lesson for 50 cents at Make Your Dog Epic is a great decision for the following reasons:

  • It is fiscally responsible, it is literally just 50 cents
  • It is socially responsible, a well behaved dog means less dog related incidents in your community
  • It’s emotionally responsible, your dog will have the internal locus of control necessary to manifest its inner best dog

For all these reasons and more, it is a no brainer to book your first lesson. Call us or fill out the contact form on the website and we will call you. Regardless of your preferred method of contact we are wanting to hear from you. During this process you are likely to build and develop a lasting bond with your dog that will be unbreakable. When we say unbreakable, we mean, as unbreakable as Bruce Willis in that movie Unbreakable. Not only will your dog learn a lot, but he will have a great time while doing it.

Because your first lesson is just fifty cents we are interested in showing you results as quickly as possible. You have nothing to lose, if you don’t like your first lesson with Make Your Dog Epic, there are no strings (or leashes) attached but, we guarantee you and your pup will love Make Your Dog Epic.

Not only will training with Make Your Dog Epic help your dog, but it will also help you. You will gain confidence and trust in your dog, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog, you will not have to worry about behavior issues. This program is built for any breed or any age so don’t worry if your furry friend is a little gray in the beard, learning never stops!

Here are some of the benefits that could happen, when you work with Make Your Dog Epic, your dog could:

  • Be well-trained enough to become a Hollywood star, featured in the next Air Bud movie, seriously there’s been 7 of those movies made. They could call it Air Bud: K-9 iron, about your dog becoming an elite golfer. The eighth installment in the Air Bud franchise. Admittedly low budget and yet another shameless attempt to capitalize on a known name by a Hollywood studio, but hey your dog would be a star.
  • Be well trained enough to rescue someone from a burning building and be featured in a local news story.
  • Be well trained and emotionally intelligent enough to be the alpha of the neighborhood dog gang.

We are not guaranteeing these outcomes, but these things could happen if you choose Make Your Dog Epic for all your dog training needs.

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