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Our Story & History of Tulsa Dog Training

At Make Your Dog Epic we have developed a proven turn-key approach to dog training that it has allowed us to open multiple locations including


What Makes Our Approach to Dog Training Different?

At Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training we do 3 things that no other dog trainers in America are willing to do and our customers love it!

1st – Your first dog training lesson is just 50 cents which allows you to essentially try it before you buy it and we guarantee results or you get your 50 cents back.

2nd – We offer three different dog training packages and endless financial packages to make dog training affordable for everyone.

3rd – We are one of the highest rated and most reviewed dog training services in the area.

If Your Dog Has Begun to Hold You Hostage You Have Come to the Right Place for All of Your Dog Training Solutions. At Make Your Dog Epic We Pride Ourselves On Providing Proven Turn-Key Dog Training Solutions That Your Dog Can Truly Become Your Best Friend Including:

  • Stop Leash Pulling
  • Stop Biting
  • Stop Running Away
  • Stop Pulling On the Leash While Waling
  • Stop Jumping On People
  • Teach Your Dog to Come When You Say “Come”
  • Prevent Pooping In Your House
  • Reduce Aggressive Behaviors
  • Stop the Endless Dog Barking
  • Stop Random Urinating On Your Clothes, In Your Home & In Your Closets
  • Stop Pooping In Your House & In Random Often Embarrassing Places
  • Stop Chasing People
  • Stop Chewing On & Eating Your Furniture, Your Clothing & Anything Other Than Dog Food
  • My dog won’t stop barking at the neighbor.
  • My dog won’t stop fighting with other dogs.
  • My dog is perpetually distracted.
  • My dog won’t stop being hyper-aggressive.
  • My dog won’t stop eating my chickens.
  • My dog won’t stop running in the house.

At Make Your Dog Epic we believe that we provide the best dog and most affordable dog training in America, but ultimately you will have to be the judge of that. Over the years we have successfully trained thousands of dogs to become incredibly well-behaved companions for wonderful people like you.

We Love Working With Dogs And We Love Working With People Like You!

We view our jobs as being part of a truly transformational process for families which ultimately helps families to build better relationships with their dogs and we view them as rewarding working. We believe that we have a unique opportunity to help modern families to develop harmony within their home.

We Can Help You Begin Training Your Dog Today!

At Make Your Dog Epic we help people like you to deal with the most complex dog behavioral issues while teaching dogs obedience and we even do puppy training. If you are looking for dog training that you can trust we are proud to help you solve the following most common dog behavior related issues and more including:

  • Aggressive dog behavior towards people
  • Aggressive dog behavior towards others dogs
  • Aggressive dog behavior towards food
  • Aggressive dog behavior towards chickens
  • Aggressive dog behavior towards other dogs
  • Barking without stop
  • Begging for food at the dinner table
  • Biting at people
  • Destruction of your home
  • Destruction of your furniture
  • Digging holes
  • Disobeying your commands
  • Door manners and greetings guests
  • Eating your most prized possessions
  • Leash manners and leash behavior issues
  • Jumping on people
  • Humping people
  • Leasing manners
  • Nipping at people
  • Obsessive and non-polite behaviors
  • Peeing in your home
  • Peeing in your closet
  • Pooping in your closet
  • Potty training
  • Puppy training
  • Recall and command memorization
  • Running away
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sibling rivalry of other dogs
  • Toileting in the house

What Services Do We Offer At Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training Services?

At Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training Service we offer group classes, boot camps and more to help no longer be held hostage by your dog. Having trained thousands of dogs we have developed a proven system that our customers love that is based upon what we call the B.O.O.M. Method.

This method is based on bringing the following four mindsets to each and every dog training session that we engage in:

  • Big expectations
  • Overwhelming encouragement
  • Optimistic and consistent feedback
  • More repetition until mastery occurs

When we work with a wonderful client like yours our entire goal is to WOW you which is why your first lesson with us is always just 50 cents. After we WOW you we then sit down with you to discuss our 3 different dog training package options to find the right price and the right package for you and we even have scholarship packages available to make dog training super affordable for all budgets.

The Make Your Dog Epic training method is mostly based on a positive reinforcement training mindset. However, when working with thousands of dogs we have discovered that some dogs need to experience a reward for good behavior and a small consequence for engaging in bad behavior. Training your dog is truly a partnership type relationship and your trainer will sit down with you to find the best dog training package available for both you and your dog.

We believe in using a science-based approach to dog training which is simple, repeatable and effective. If an action or behavior is reinforced it is repeated. If an action is met with little reward or no consequence it is likely to be repeated over and over. The more positive behaviors that we are able to reward the less we have to invest time and and energy into trying to convince your dog to stop behaving in the way that is not desired.

Establishing a Common Language Between Dogs & Humans

In order to let your dog know that they have done something positively and correctly we must work hard to create a universal language that exists between dogs and humans. When your dog does something correctly we want to be able to reinforce to your dog that they made the right decisions and made the correct choice, we do this using what we call a marker system. We used verbal markers such as the word “yes” to let your dog know that they are on the right track. Interestingly, this marker system is also the same system that is often used by zookeepers to train every animal from whales and monkeys to zebras. When training using a marker system it dramatically decreases the amount of total time that it is required for dogs like yours to learn needed actions, tricks, skills and moves.

At Make Your Dog Epic we have created a turn-key dog training system that will take the guesswork right out of the training of your dog. We believe that training your dog should be fun for both you and your dog and it can be an incredible bonding experience for both you and your dog. Now is your time to say goodbye to a misbehaving dog and hello to a well-trained and obedient dog that you will soon call your best friend.



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