Our Story

Our Story & History of Tulsa Dog Training

Our passion for helping wonderful people like you to not be held hostage by your dog is what led us to getting involved in the Tulsa dog training industry. Having worked with clients in many different industries we discovered that nearly every dog owner that we met had either a love or a hate relationship with their dog that is supposed to be man’s best friend.

We would constantly encounter busy and productive members of our society explaining that since they purchased their untrained dog that their lives had become a sleepless dystopian nightmare because they couldn’t get their dog to stop barking, biting, jumping and pooping in their closet. Our busy clients would tell us that they were actually no longer inviting people over to their homes because of their unruly dog.



And so we started making a list of all of the common reasons that people were searching for dog trainers which included the following and more:

  • My dog is holding me hostage.
  • All of Tulsa knows my dog because it won’t stop barking.
  • My dog won’t stop running away.
  • My dog won’t stop jumping.
  • My dog won’t stop pooping in the house.
  • My dog won’t stop peeing in my house.
  • My dog won’t stop chasing squirrels.
  • My dog won’t stop chasing girls (female dogs).
  • My dog won’t stop eating out of the trash.
  • My dog won’t stop chasing my cat.
  • My dog won’t stop eating my shoes.
  • My dog won’t stop destroying the items in my closet.
  • My dog won’t stop jumping on visitors to my house.
  • My dog won’t stop growling at people.
  • My dog won’t stop trying to bite my kids.
  • My dog won’t stop barking at the neighbor.
  • My dog won’t stop fighting with other dogs.
  • My dog is perpetually distracted.
  • My dog won’t stop being hyper-aggressive.
  • My dog won’t stop eating my chickens.
  • My dog won’t stop running in the house.

At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training we have 20+ years of experience in growing businesses and yet we find that helping people like you to not be held hostage by your dog is amongst the most rewarding.

What Makes Our Tulsa Dog Training System Unique?

When you schedule your first lesson with Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa dog training your first lesson is always just 50 cents, which doesn’t even make sense unless we can WOW you, which is what we do. After that first lesson we sit down with you to find the right package that will fit with your budget and the Tulsa dog training goals that you have for your dog.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Because we view our Tulsa dog training process as our art, our passion and our gift to humanity we are willing to work with everyone to find a Tulsa dog training package that is affordable for all budgets and we even have scholarship pricing options for families in need.

At the End of the Day We Know That You Want Your Dog to Become Your Best Friend And Not Your Worst Enemy So We Focus On the Following Dog Training Areas And More:

  1. Stop Leash Pulling
  2. Teach Your Dog to Come When You Say “Come”
  3. Prevent Dog Jumping
  4. Reduce Aggressive Behaviors
  5. Stop the Endless Dog Barking

To schedule your first 50 cent Tulsa dog training session with us today simply fill out the form below and then begin to psychologically prepare yourself to be WOWED because we will Make Your Dog Epic!!!


At Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training We Not Only Specialize, But We Over-Deliver On the Following Dog Training Commands And More:

  • Sit Down
  • Dead Dog (This move should not be used for more than 10 minutes)
  • Stay
  • Back Pack
  • Jet Pack
  • The Cobra Commander (This move is not for beginners)
  • No Jumping
  • Lay Down
  • The Barrel Roll (This move is also not for beginners)
  • Heel
  • Go to Their “Beg”
  • No Jumping
  • No Humping
  • The Non-Human Behavioral Issues That We Can Correct With the Right Amount of Tulsa Dog Training:
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Non-Anxiety Issues
  • Aggression
  • Super-Aggression
  • Nervousness
  • Dog-Paranoia
  • Possessiveness
  • House-Breaking
  • Car-Breaking
  • Chewing & Biting
  • Barking
  • Fetch
  • Stay
  • Yelping
  • Biting
  • Jumping
  • Running Away
  • Digging Holes
  • Biting the Neighbor Kid
  • Hunting Squirrels
  • Urinating In Your House
  • Urinating In Your Friend’s House
  • Bathroom Outside (As opposed to the always funny bathroom inside)
  • Come When
  • Called
  • Howl At the Moon (This is controversial move that we would not recommend you teaching your dog)

Fixing Common Dog Behavior Issues

If your dog is grappling with problems like aggression, pulling on the leash, potty training difficulties, unreliable recall, separation anxiety, fear of new dogs, excessive digging, or compulsive licking, we have a proven track record of fixing these issues and more. From leash aggression to jumping on people, running away, fence-related conflicts, and even wanting to “take on” the mailman, we’ve seen it all. Our expertise extends across all breeds, and we have no breed restrictions.

We firmly believe that you can teach old dogs new tricks. While we recommend that your dog be over 4 months old to start training with us, there’s truly no age limit. We’ve successfully trained dogs as old as 13 years. Waiting a few months until your puppy is a bit older can make training both easier on you and your dog.

At Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training, our overarching goal is to improve the lives of dogs by providing them with a better quality of life. We firmly believe that a well-trained dog not only enjoys a happier life but also gains more freedom in their daily activities. It deeply saddens us to hear about dogs being euthanized due to behavioral problems that we could have helped address.

Unlike traditional training programs that may require sending your dog away for months, we fix issues much faster. We’re proud to say that we can address 98% of issues in just 1 to 3 weeks. There’s no need to send your dog away for extended periods. You can choose Private Lessons, where our experienced trainers come to your home or meet you at a local park. During these sessions, we simultaneously train you and your dog, and yes, you’re welcome to guess which one is harder: dog training or human training!

We’re so confident in our ability to deliver results and your satisfaction that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s how much we believe in our methods and commitment to your dog’s success.

Once you complete our training programs, you gain access to our LIFETIME GROUP CLASS. We offer this because we’re committed to supporting you and your dog throughout their lifetime. We understand that joining group classes without prior training can be like a quarterback learning plays during a game—extremely challenging. Our approach ensures that your dog has a strong foundation in training before joining group classes, making the experience more effective and enjoyable.

Why We’re Different

Our unique approach isn’t about flashy tricks or complex techniques. It’s about empowering you, the dog owner, to build a strong, lasting bond with your furry friend. We want to ensure that your dog becomes an epic companion, one that people notice and admire wherever you go. Our commitment is to help you craft a remarkable story with your furry companion.


The Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training Team

Our team is composed of experienced trainers who share a deep love for dogs and a passion for helping them live their best lives. We’re dedicated to creating a positive and transformative experience for both dogs and owners.

At Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training, we don’t just train dogs; we change lives. We invite you to start your journey of making your dog epic by scheduling an initial assessment. This assessment is a critical first step because every dog is unique, and everyone’s training goals are different. Our objective is to find a training package that matches your goals and budget, ensuring a customized and effective approach to making your dog truly EPIC.

Join Us in Our Mission

Join us at Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training, and together, we’ll ensure that you and your dog enjoy the best possible life together. We’re here to help you build a strong, loving, and respectful relationship with your furry companion. Together, let’s make your dog epic!


Listed Below Are Many of the Frequently Asked Questions That We Receive from Wonderful Tulsa Dog Training Customers Like You:

In what order should I teach my Tulsa dog?

The order for teaching dogs usually starts with basic commands. The heel command is usually the first command dogs learn. The heel command will make it easier to take your dog on a walk. Your dog will learn leash etiquette and not run off and tug on the leash as much. The sit command comes next and will help your dog sit when they are told to. Treats will help them learn this command much quicker and will help keep them in one spot without moving. Touching their butt will help them sit down without issues. The come command tends to come after the sit command.

Can you have a Tulsa dog and a 9 to 5 job?

It is possible to have a dog and a nine to five job. Lots of patience and planning are recommended before getting a dog. You will want to know what type of breed to get and how old you want your dog to be. Training is another factor that will take up time. Training takes up large amounts of time to achieve the best results. Hiring a professional is highly recommended when having a nine to five job. They will lighten the load for you and will do a great job. It is possible to train on your own but is something that will take a lot of time out of your day.

What is the dog pee rule?

The pee rule is the Canine Waste Law that was put into effect in New York and several other major cities. Cities that used this law were Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, and several others. This law required owners of pets to clean up their pet’s feces. There is currently no major law for pee that has been put into effect. One of the major reasons for this law was that it caused issues with the lawn. Too much urine in lawns can cause the grass to die. Many homeowners did not want this so the law was originally passed. Since, there has been no major legislation put into effect in any major city.

What is the 3 day 3 week 3 month rule?

The three day, three week, and three month rule is one of the most important rules in dog training. The first three days should be solely for the dog getting comfortable with its new situation.  It is a very important process so that your dog gets the training and socialization that is required for the best results. The next three weeks should be focused more on social situations. Your dog should also learn and get more comfortable with the environment they are in. Raising your dog’s confidence is key to this step. The next step in the process is starting basic training in the next three months. By this point, your dog should be more confident and have established a routine.

What is the hi lost dog command?

The hi lost command is a command that tells the dog to hunt. It references a gun dog who is either hunting or retrieving something. There are a range of breeds that the command applies to. Some of these are a shorthaired pointer or weimaraner. The command is very useful when hunting because it helps the hunter in several ways. Depending on the type of hunting, the hunting dog can kill or retrieve any animal that is smaller than them. This can greatly help the hunter and the rate of success the hunter has. The hi lost command is one that no hunter should go without.

What happens when a dog turns 8 in the Tulsa dog training world?

When your dog turns eight, you will want to keep taking your dog on any walks. Any type of physical exercise is good for the dog because of the mental and physical benefits that come with it. Keeping a daily routine for your dog will also improve their overall health. The growth and development of your dog is dependent on the physical exercise they receive at this age. The possibility of hip dysplasia becomes more likely. There are several steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of this issue. Weight loss, exercise, and supplements all reduce the risk of hip dysplasia. Training is also highly beneficial for your dog at this age.



What are the Lucky dog 7 commands in the world of dog training?

The seven commands are seven different commands that all have different uses. One of these commands is the sit command. The command will help keep your dog in one place or in an area of space that you want them in. Next is the stay command which will help keep your dog from running away or doing anything that is bad. There are many solutions to issues with these commands. Telling your dog down and off are other useful commands that will eliminate any jumping or annoyance. All of the commands are very useful and will eliminate any major issues. Your relationship with your dog will also greatly improve.

What is the 90 10 rule dog?

The 90 10 rule for dogs is the balanced diet that dogs are supposed to follow to be as healthy as possible. 90% of the dog’s diet should be from actual food sources. By following this plan, dogs should not become overweight or have any other sorts of health issues. 10% of a dog’s diet should come from treats. The act of giving your dog treats tends to have a bigger effect than the treat itself. By giving your dog treats, your dog will become more comfortable with you as their owner. Treats show the dog that you care. Too many treats can cause health issues, so do not give too many.

What is the 1 3 rule in Tulsa dog training?

The rule refers to the time that it will take for your dog to fully get used to living in their new home. The first three days are for your dog to fully establish themselves as a pet and transition away from the pound. The dog will eventually become acquainted to the brand new environment that will positively affect the way your dog acts. The dog will also receive the socialization needed to act properly in social settings. The next three refers to the weeks your dog is home. By this time, your dog should not be fearful or upset with most situations. The stress your dog is experiencing should be greatly reduced by this point. After three months, your dog should be fully transitioned to their new home.

What part of a dog should you not touch?

Dog owners should figure out what their dog is comfortable with. Many dogs differentiate on what their dogs are fine with. Areas like the ears and top of head may be welcomed by some dogs but others may be against it. By not respecting where your dog wants to be touched, your dog can become fearful and sensitive to certain strokes. Proper stroking can calm your dog and release oxytocin. Strokes across the chest of the dog are generally more acceptable. The speed at which you stroke your dog can make a difference. Calm long strokes are the best to keep your dog at ease.


Is a slip lead better than a harness?

The slip lead is only better than the harness once your dog knows how to walk to heel properly. The slip lead is overall a much better option concerning safety with big dogs. It does not tug as much and is more loose so that none of the muscles or bones are damaged in development. Harnesses can even have a negative effect on the dog. The dog can become more used to pulling against the harness which can make them more difficult to overall deal with. Problems can arise due to an overuse of the harness. Bad hips and muscle development have arisen from using a harness too much. Bigger breeds tend to have more issues than smaller dogs with harnesses.

Do dogs sleep all night?

Dogs sleep at night, but the length of time they sleep ranges depending on how old they are. Adult dogs need between eight and thirteen and a half hours of sleep each day. Adults dogs spend more time sleeping on average than puppies do. Puppies tend to spend more time sleeping overall and less time at night. Puppies sleep at least eleven hours each day, but the length of time depends on several factors. If your dog is older, they tend to sleep more through the night. They also tend to take more naps to sleep. Exercise can also play a factor on how much your dog sleeps in the night as well.

What is the most common Tulsa dog training command to talk to dogs?

The most common training commands range from sit, watch me, to down. All of the commands in basic training are very helpful. The sit command is the perfect command when there is company over. The sit command will teach your dog not to jump or be rambunctious. The watch me command is very useful in busy areas as well. It will keep all of the focus on the owner, keeping your dog from getting too distracted. Treats will help with the process of training because the dog is consistently rewarded. The down command is also one of the most useful.

What is dog Splooting?

Dog splooting is where your dog sticks out their back legs and lays out. This position is very comfortable for your dog and should be something they are allowed to do. Many dogs sploot because they simply enjoy it. Many experts state that dogs sploot for more comfortability and to stretch their muscles. Splooting can also reduce any back pain for your dog which can be especially nice for older dogs. It can also be used as a means to cool off on the colder ground. It is a more efficient process of cooling off than any other. Splooting shows a sign of confidence and relaxation for your dog.


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