The 23 Most Popular Dog Training Commands

To help you to master the basics of Tulsa dog training and beyond we have invested the time needed to gather the most common dog training commands:


Teaching your dog to sit on command is one of the keys to making sure that your dog doesn’t hold you hostage and steal your joy.


Teaching your dog to come on command is absolutely critical as it relates to ensuring that you and your dog become good friends.


If your dog is constantly jumping up you will want to make sure that your dog soon learns how to get down.


This command is very similar to stay, however it is typically used when people enter the door of your office or home. It really doesn’t matter how well trained your dog is, they are going to become very enthusiastic when someone new enters into your home so this command is essential.

Watch Me

A little known yet super important command is known as “watch me.” This command definitely is important when you bring your dog to a high-traffic area without losing control of your dog.


Some dog trainers argue that this command is the most important command for every Tulsa dog trainer to know. However, we at Make Your Dog Epic Tulsa Dog Training believe that it is definitely important for your dog’s safety and for the safety of others for your dog to quickly learn what the command “stay” means.

Drop It

The “Drop It” command is an incredible command when training your dog which helps to prevent your dog from injuring themselves or your most prized earthly possessions. Young puppies really need to be taught this so that they don’t bite through a bleach container or kill your cat by accident.

Leave It

This “Leave It” command is a super move and an often go-to move while you are taking your dog on walks. Dogs that tend to be more curious by nature can often find themselves getting into trouble, but your quick “Leave It” commands should stop the madness.


“No” is a command that should stop your dog from getting into trouble. Use this command any time that you find your dog beginning to get into trouble.


The “Heal” commands are wonderful commands that should be used on a daily basis with your dog. The dog’s walking habits are usually established at a young age and should be focused heavily early on in the life of the dog.

Handle Your Business

When you tell your dog to “Handle Your Business” your dog should know that the time is right to let it go and to let it flow outside. If you are serious about house training your dog you must frequently take them out and you must take them out everytime you go outside while letting them know that it’s time to “Go Potty.”


“Leash” is the command that your dog needs to learn no more what size of puppy they are. We must teach the dogs how to step over their leash and to not get tangled in the leash.


“Lap” is a command that you want to teach your dog if you want to teach your dog to jump in your lap on command.


“Speak” is the command that you want to teach your dog if you want your dog to learn how to bark on command.


“Quiet” is the command that you must be able to teach your dog if you ever want your dog to learn to be quiet in your home.


If you have aspirations of taking your dog on road trips you must teach your dog the “Car” command. With rare exceptions most dogs on the planet earth enjoy riding in cars.


One of the true joys of training a dog is when you can teach your dog to cuddle with you while you scratch their belly. “Belly” is also a fun command to use if you wish to bond with your dog.

Dead Dog

Teaching your dog how to pretend like it is “dead” is always a fun trick to show visitors, guests, family and friends.


Teaching your dog to hop on your back to pretend that it is “Back Pack” is yet another fun way to demonstrate to your friends and family that you and your dog have a special bond.


“Shake” is a wonderful basis dog trick that is fun to each your dog. Although this dog trick does not have much practical use it is a fun lesson to move to teach your dog.


Just like dealing with young children you must get in the habit of telling your dog that it’s time to go to bed. It is very important that you make the command of going to “Bed” a positive reward and not a punishment if you ever want to sleep again.


If you want to keep both you and your furniture hair-free at all times you need to learn to use the “off” command.

Take It

“Take It” is more of a novelty move used by advanced trainers. This move is used if you want to teach your dog to pick something up on command.

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