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Tulsa Dog Trainer Near Me | Mans Best Friend For A Reason


Searching for a Tulsa Dog Trainer Near Me is probably one of the most stressful things that you could do because the thought of affordability, scheduling, and capability are some of the concerns you may have. We are here to assure you that all of those concerns will be met at our facility where we like to provide the most affordable and personalized packages for you and your canine states. On top of this we provide scheduling 7 days a week as well as our boarding school which allows those who cannot attend training at all to be able to drop their dog off and then come back to their perfect best friend who is absolutely obedient.

don’t waste time looking all over for a Tulsa Dog Trainer Near Me and instead head on over to Make Your Dog Epic so you can meet our professional trainer for just 50 cents. Our first lesson and consultation for every dog is going to be just 50 cents in order for you as the owner to understand exactly how we can benefit you and the type of plan that we can create for you. During this first lesson, we are going to take an assessment of your dog as well as you as the owner to understand exactly how we could provide the best possible plan for you today.

we know that definitely interests you so we want to guarantee that if you do become a part of our epic dog team and cease looking for another Tulsa Dog Trainer Near Me that first dollar spent will be donated to compassion.com which is an awesome organization providing amazing chances for children who may need food, clothes, and shelter. Here at Make Your Dog Epic we definitely believe it is so important to give back especially when we are able to help kill two birds with one stone. those two birds being the amazing affordable and flexible training for you and your dog as well as the donation we provide to compassion.com.

However, you shouldn’t just believe us that we are more than passionate about providing you and your family the best Training Services ever instead you should check out our reviews on our website. We have so many reviews from previous clients explaining exactly how we change their lives and exactly why they will return to us if they ever decide to gain another addition to the family. Our testimonials are definitely proof we are a step ahead of the rest of the dog training Society nowadays.

You can check out those reviews at Makeyourdogepic.com as well as our blog and the top right second red toolbar. Our Blog has all kinds of awesome information, fun facts, and just tons of passion from our team showing exactly why we are the number one dog training facility you can find nearby. If you still need help or assistance with anything you should definitely give us a call at 918-550-5557. You can also schedule your first appointment with us on our website or by giving us a call anytime.

Tulsa Dog Trainer Near Me | Potty Training Resources

The first time that you may consider searching for a Tulsa Dog Trainer Near Me is probably the first time you realize that your dog definitely needs some assistance and potty training, or you just got a new puppy and know that is about to come up, or you are just very unsuccessful at potty training. Either way, it is most commonly known that people reach out for dog training once they have not successfully been able to potty train their canine. This is why we want to provide the public with a free 12-step guide to potty training their puppy or dog. There are lots of useful pieces of information within our 12 step guide which can be found on our website.

Now you may be thinking that a 12-step program definitely has to be easy and not as hard as searching out for a Tulsa Dog Trainer Near Me but it takes just as much commitment from the owner as it would if you were to attend a typical training class. Potty training is very important and we want to make sure that you as the owner understand exactly how best to go about potty training your dog. so our 12-step guide should definitely help you understand the best methods to potty training your dog as well as some common do’s and don’ts.

One very common misconception is that you should allow or encourage your dog to potty every time they go outside to play. This is definitely not the case because if you allow your dog to potty every time they go outside to play they’re not going to be able to differentiate when playtime is and when potty time is. Though I will mention as important as it is when searching for a Tulsa Dog Trainer Near Me, you should always stick to a very strict routine in order for your dog to understand when, how, and why they should be doing what they’re doing.

Another common mistake that can be made when an owner is potty training their dog is to provide negative feedback or a negative reaction to a dog’s accident. you should never punish your dog for using the restroom in an inappropriate place. if you do this could cause issues with your dog and their comfortability and going to the restroom in front of you, or around you at any time. Instead, you should take your dog when you catch them in the act or afterward to their designated potty area.

Along with our free guide, we definitely do help with potty training or at least urination in places that you may not want it via our one-on-one training, our group training, or any training really. However, it is good to know that there is a major difference between urination and unwanted places and the need to potty train your dog who is most likely younger. to find out more about potty training your animal check us out at Makeyourdogepic.com or give us a call at 918-550-5557.

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