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What we have to offer at our Tulsa Board & Training is amazing and unique. Our boarding school and boot camp packages are made for those busy families and adults that still want better for their dog but don’t have time to put in the training hours. Well these specific packages can be great for anyone who does have a specific target audience. Our boot camps are the best for more difficult cases with stubborn dogs and for busy parents that do not have enough time.We are here to make the process of training your dog as easy as possible for both you and your pet.

With ourTulsa Board & Training we strive to offer you a smooth experience for getting your dog trained. We pride ourselves on having some of the best service in this area. Our boot camp typically lasts around 1 to 5 weeks. The duration of this boarding school depends completely on what you expect to see from your newly trained dog and your dog’s needs. We recognize that many owners worry about the fact that their dog might only listen to their trainers instead of them and their families. That is why we offer two to three hours of family training at the end of every boot camp.

You will no longer have to worry about a disobedient dog after they participate in our Tulsa Board & Training. It’ll be a comfort to you that our goal is never to completely train your dog to be obedient at the expense of their personality. you will notice that we have corrected 98% of their behavioral issues without stripping them of their lively and happy personality. We do this by using a positive reinforcement training method with focus-based learning. This helps us to create a positive relationship between your dog and their training commands.

After your dog’s boot camp you will be offered group classes for life. We offer this for your dog to be able to keep their knowledge fresh. We offered the family training in order to make sure that anyone who is around your dog will be able to successfully give your dog commands. The group camps will help your dog to remain obedient around other distractions that it may not be used to. We are confident in our success so we offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results that are displayed in your dog. You can schedule your first lesson today for just 50 cents. This kind of deal is hard to pass up on especially when it is just to find out if this is a great fit for you and your dog.

If you would like to find out more about our boot camps and boarding schools you can check out our website at https://makeyourdogepic.com/. You will be able to find a page that is completely dedicated to this specific package. If you would like to set up your first assessment or have any other questions you can contact us using our phone number at (918) 550-5557.

Tulsa Board & Training | An Incredible Opportunity

At our Tulsa Board & Training We offer the best opportunities for boot camps and boarding school for your dog. For this specific package your dog will be staying with us for the duration of the camp and we will take care of all of the training for you and your dog’s care. This type of service is amazing for busy parents or dogs that have a more stubborn nature and provide a more difficult case. The service is great for the individuals that want to have the dog better trained but have no time to do so.

The timeline for our Tulsa Board & Training usually lasts from 1 to 5 weeks. The length for our camps depends completely on what you expect from your dog when they are done with their training and your dog’s needs prior to training. Many of our customers fear that after the extensive boot camp their dog will only answer to our trainers. That is why we offer two to three hours of personal family training after the boot camp in order to educate the owner on their dog’s commands and how to properly execute them. This also proves that your dog will be able to listen to commands coming from you.

After your dog has completed their Tulsa Board & Training group classes will become immediately available for life. Group classes were allowing your dog to continue practicing their training and putting their knowledge to work. You also help your dog to remain obedient with distractions. This helps when your dog gets put into a relapse situation where they are surrounded by distractions that they may or may not be used to. We are confident in our results so we offer a complete money back guarantee for anyone who is not happy with their results.

Keep in mind that we do not hold obedience at a higher level than a dog’s personality. We hold a priority of teaching your dog obedience while still maintaining their lively personality. so this is not something that you will have to worry about. Not only are these Services extremely efficient but they are also very affordable. You can schedule your first lesson today for the low price of just 50 cents. After your first lesson is when we will be able to discuss what you are looking for and what you will expect from your dog. you will also be able to find a full glossary of dog training terms and commands that we used. Using this with your dog will help them to maintain that knowledge.

If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer you you can check out our website at https://makeyourdogepic.com/. You can also get fast answers from our employees using our phone number at (918) 550-5557. You can also call this number if you’re wanting to set up your first assessment.

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