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Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers | Unbreakable Relationships with your pets!


Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers from Make your dog epic are astronomically passionate about delivering you the best results and services in the most stress free way possible. Our trainers are very well equipped and immensely educated to deliver a more than perfect experience to every single client. We make sure our amazing trainers are extremely knowledgeable on dog training history and multiple different techniques. No matter the breed, age or behavioral issue your canine might have, our trainers are dedicated to giving you nothing but the most satisfactory dog training in the state of Utah.

All of our Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers Are equipped with the means to free you from being held hostage by your pet. We use all sorts of research, methods, Rewards, and even consequences to push your dog into becoming your best friend. offering your first consultation at only 50 cents, we will work with you to craft a vastly personalized and compatible training schedule. After all completed training packages we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, as well as a dog training group so we can continue to hone your canine’s behavior skills for the rest of their life.

Most of our customers and clients have told us that out of most Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers Our pricing is at about 20 to 30% Lower than our competitors. If you have a loss of sleep or must replace chewed-on shoes once a week what are you waiting for? We will work with you focusing greatly on improving the quality of life for both you and your canine. We use exponential expectations, Constructive and optimistic criticism, empowering encouragement, and unfailing repetition to snuff habits of barking, Biting, attacking others, jumping on others, making potty accidents, chewing, and much much more.

With make your dog Epic the relationship between owner and pet can never be broken. All prices and service packages are personally crafted to fit any and all budgets. Ensuring all training and boarding schools conduct business in the most safe and influencing manner possible. After our boarding school we give your dog a two to three hour owner training period To make sure of satisfaction and owner-command compatibility. DuringThis owner training we will give you the proper commands and techniques to take control over your new and improved pet. We absolutely guarantee that personality will never be substituted for obedience because we know as dog lovers that’s what makes your dog, YOUR dog.

For any and all useful information please get into contact with make your dog epic. The absolute best dog training in Utah. Every question or concern may be addressed by calling our location in Ogden, UT at (385) 732-1100. Visiting our website at https://makeyourdogepic.com will have endless information regarding the processes and services we offer. From Doggie boot camps (Boarding School), To private lessons in your own home or dog park. There is a service that is right for everyone.

Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers | Improving Ogden Dogs.

Our Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers are beyond ready to change your quality of life as well as your canine’s! We offer many different training packages and prices for all different types of budgets and dogs. For those anxious or aggressive dogs we have private lessons which offer a one-on-one training experience with one of our highly professional dog trainers. Our private training program will be conducted at your own home or at your own dog park. for our busy owners we offer boot camps where your dog will come with us for 1 to 5 weeks To get a foundational experience of understanding commands and obedience to the owner.

Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers for make your dog epic Are well versed on types of commands, training programs, training history, breeds, and Behavioral inconsistencies. Our focus is to train both you and your canine into building a foundation under the relationship between you both. All ages are welcome. We also offer a puppy training option though all dogs must be 4 months old to ensure a good understanding of commands and rewards and consequences. No matter what type of lessons you choose after completion all owners and dogs will gain access to group access for the rest of that dog’s life.

For that very first lesson we will only charge a whopping 50 cents and our Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers will communicate With you to discover a comprehensive plan that assuredly fits the owner’s schedule and perfectly matches their budget, especially with all week long service. If unsatisfied every package includes our full money back guarantee. For owners interested in training multiple dogs or groups we offer awesome discounts. The days of losing much needed sleep over a barking dog or overwhelming messes stressing you out beyond Compare are absolutely over.

No other Dog trainers in the Ogden, Utah area compare to Make Your Dog Epic. Our countless positive reviews and testimonies prove it! With positive expectations, encouragement, optimism, feedback, and repetition we will have your pet trained in as little as 3 weeks. The days of being frustratingly held hostage by your dog are over. Receive the perfect results and have the man’s best friend you truly desire. Ensuring that training is transferable over to the owner is one of our main concerns. Most training facilities teach from unrepeatable or untransferable techniques. We are the absolute best choice for you!

Please call us at (385) 732-1100 with any and all questions or concerns or visit https://makeyourdogepic.com for further information regarding Facilities services techniques history or experiences of make your dog epic. If doggy boot camp seems like a great option for you and your dog, speak to us as soon as possible to secure your spot in one of our classes. We Would love to speak to you about the best options and plan for your training experience. We love dogs and we love improving the quality of life for both them and you, the owner. Here is a place that you can go to for the best possible service in the area.

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