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Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers | Special Training With Special Dogs


Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers Specialize in improving the quality of life for both owners and dogs alike. We don’t only give dogs vastly happier Lives but we give them even more ability to enjoy all of their daily activities. 98% of all behavioral inconsistencies we can completely fix in just one to three weeks. Most programs that have you send your dog away for months at a time offer no true benefit. Having your dog come home from training only for it to not listen to your commands after shoveling out a dirt load of money is nothing but aggravating.

Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers Approach dog training in the most professional, simple, personalized and educated way possible. Many of our clients complain of an overly anxious or extremely aggressive canine they are afraid to keep around other people or other animals.This Behavioral issue can be easily controlled through private lessons. are highly experienced dog trainers will gladly visit your home or preferred dog park to give your dog the proper practice they soon truthfully deserve. These lessons allow us to train both you and the dog consecutively greatly improving the possibility of transferring over command control to the owner.

Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers Offer the most comprehensive training plans for every walk of life. our boot camp or boarding school option include intensive and repetitive training without the homework for our busiest of dog owners. We set the foundation of our training plan and proceed to grow your dogs Behavioral quality based on your preferences. No matter what program you choose to complete after finishing said program we offer all graduates complimentary Group Training to touch up, learn, or relearn any And all types of dog training skills.This group training class promotes understanding of commands and learning to obey while surrounded with distractions.

We aim to be in your dog’s life forever, ensuring obedience is as simple as it needs to be. After we completely wow you and blow your mind we also hope to be involved in the lives of your friends and family canines. Being held hostage by man’s best friend is the type of behavior that makes you rethink if you are a cat or dog person. If you consistently deal with unending barking, whining, destructive behavior, scratching, biting, licking, or jumping we are sure having friends and family over is a stressful experience. With make your dog epic we guarantee personality will never be traded for pristine obedience.

Calling our number at (385) 732-1100 or visiting our website at https://makeyourdogepic.com will allow us to answer any and all questions or concerns you might have. Time is of the essence when trying to improve the quality of you and your dog’s life. Contact us to reserve a spot in any one of our top quality services. All ages, breeds, or behavioral issues are greatly accepted and make your dog epic. we absolutely can’t wait to give you the stress-free companionship you and your dog both deserve.

Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers | Professional and Comprehensive Dog Training

There’s not a breed our Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers can’t Train. If your dog’s chasing cats, mailman, or other animals we can guarantee 98% of Behavioral inconsistencies will be fixed in the first 3 weeks of training. If unsatisfied with our service we also have a full money back guarantee on all of our products. Ending dog owners’ feelings of being held captive by their dog is our passion. With your first lesson and consultation only costing you 50 cents the first step would be to understand your concerns with your dog’s Behavior. After getting an idea of what we can fix, we will speak to you about scheduling and payment plans.

There is not an age our Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers can’t work with. Starting at 4 months we can train your puppy to any level of your choosing. We over deliver on all obedience training by teaching popular commands and using relevant methods. Our 25 plus years of experience prove our expertise and our results prove our techniques. All dog trainers are heavily trained and educated with a deep passion for betterment in dog owners and dogs lives giving you the upper hand you deserve and the customer experience that blows your mind and has you saying “WOW”.

There is not a disobedient behavior Ogden, Utah Dog Trainers cant fix. After seeing our amazing and undeniable level of quality We will provide the perfect time and energy to make your dog Epic. We invest in the betterment of quality of life. No more leash pulling, jumping on others or furniture, barking, random accidents, chasing others or chewing on things that are not food. Your dog’s attitude Behavior and obedience is attained without the sacrifice. Finally get the stress-free sleep you deserve absent of endless barking. The people and experiences your dog will enjoy will turn them into the model man’s best friend.

With our service open to all breeds, ages, and behavior no dog must endure the lack of freedom that is involved with being untrained. With advancements in dog training methods every year we keep our trainers educated and updated on all relevant methods. All right man specializing in puppy training, boarding school, obedience school, and many more options there is an affordable and precise option for every dog and dog owner. Offering a perfect experience for every situation is as simple said as done after our initial evaluation and crafting a compatible training plan. The most entirely exciting experience that you would need is here at our company for training all of the dogs.

Calling us at the number (385) 732-1100 allows us to speak to you verbally and answer any concerns or questions about our programs. Visit our website at https://makeyourdogepic.com to see for yourself all the amazing guarantees and programs offered. Make your dog epic is the final destination in improving the quality of companionship, life, and obedience between owner and pet. While training your dog our methods include good expectations, optimistic criticism, repetitive training, and profuse encouragement.

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