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Here at Off Leash Tulsa K9 Training we are the best dog training facility in all of Tulsa and we take pride in every dog that our customers allow us to train for them. We are not only a dog training place. We bring owners and their dogs closer together as a family. If you have ever wanted your dog to be trained to do something you can not get it to do by yourself just bring the pup to us and we will take good care of him and train him to do whatever services you want us to do.

Quality is our highest core value here at Off Leash Tulsa K9 Training. We take pride in training these dogs to the best of our ability so that the owners never have to stress over the dogs listening to commands ever again. We train all kinds of dogs for all kinds of purposes. We have so many different services we will have a great service that fits your dog specifically. Once you find your service you want for your dog you can intrust in us to get the job done and your dog trained to the best of our ability.

The best thing about Off Leash Tulsa K9 Training is our main core values that we have. If you have ever asked yourself if we are a good community of people and hard workers the answer is always going to be yes. We pride ourselves on our great work ethic and great working conditions. The second biggest core value we have is our efficiency in the way we train dogs. We train dogs quickly and effectively so that they can get back to their owners and our customers as soon as possible.

One thing you expect when you are calling our company is that we are a friendly group of people who always put on a smile and have a great attitude towards everything in everyday life. We are always happy to help with any question or questions you may be having about our services. If you call our company we will be the happiest people you will talk to that day and eager to help you with anything you can think of. The best part about you calling us is that it does not matter the time of day we will always be happy to help.

If you have not decided whether or not you want us to train your dog then what are you waiting for? We are eagerly awaiting your phone call to schedule your first service appointment today. You can call our 24 hour phone center right now at 918-550-5557. Our phone center will be happy to help with any question or questions you may have in your head. You can also visit our amazing website at makeyourdogepic.com for any questions you have. Our website has a list of every service that we offer at our facilities for any type of dog in the entire world.

Off Leash Tulsa K9 Training | The Better Training Choice

Why would you not bring your dog to Off Leash Tulsa K9 Training? The only reason you should not bring your dog to our dog training facility is if you already did and got our amazing dog training services. The main reason people choose our dog training services is because of our world class dog training techniques. Our methods of dog training are the best in the entire world proven and backed up by scientific facts. We have a guaranteed dog training method.

The history of our company Off Leash Tulsa K9 Training is a long and very extensive one. Our history goes back to the roman era of when they first came up with the dog training methods that we use. The Roman empire used the same techniques that we do to train the best dogs all the time. The reason our company has been around for so long is because our dog training methods are the best in the world and are the most effective. If the roman empire had great success using these dog training methods then why wouldn’t we?

Here at Off Leash Tulsa K9 Training you can expect the very best turnaround time on all of our dog training services. We have the best turn around times in all of the dog training business. We train dogs faster and better than every single dog training place in the state. In just a short 4 days your dog or dogs will be completely trained to do whatever type of services you could think of. We expect that every customer will be surprised with how quick we are at training their dog or dogs in a short amount of time. By the end of training we can fix 98% of behavioral issues.

The greatest thing about our company is our core values. The biggest core value we have is making sure that every dog is trained quickly and efficiently. We do not like when it takes longer than 4 days to train a dog or dogs. If we can get the dogs trained within that 4 day mark then we know we are doing everything right and faster than any other company. The second best core value that we have is the fact that our employees are the most hospitable people in the entire world. We are always here and ready to help and happy to help.

If you can not decide whether or not to call our company to schedule your appointment then just call our 24 hour call center. Our 24 hour call center is waiting for your call and eager to help with any question you might have you can contact them at 918-550-5557. You can also visit our amazing website makeyourdogepic.com for any of our new promotions or deals that we may be having this month. Our website also has every single service that our company can provide for your dog or dogs. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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