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Dog Training Tulsa Tips | One-On-One Dog Training


With proper training your bad behaved dog can be a well-behaved dog and this can be achieved through Dog Training Tulsa Tips. It is important to set a ground rules with your dog especially at the beginning of training. we not only train dogs who train the proud dog owners. our private lessons are to equip not only in the dog but also you. our expert trainers are filled with Knowledge and Skills so that the training process can achieve your goals with your dog. we always talk with the dog owners to see what they desire as far as what you want your dog to know. we understand that many people are not familiar with training or working with dogs however our expert trainers here at make your dog epic want to give you confidence that you can train your dog.

Basic commands or Advanced commands can be learned with Dog Training Tulsa Tips. No matter how old your dog is or how Young your puppy is we can work with them. and I want on one training we can cover all the essential aspects like teaching your dog’s how to potty or how to not bite. we also want to ensure that your puppy can be social. we know how frustrating it might be if a puppy is too friendly to other dogs or those who are shy and don’t want to be around dogs at all. our team wants to work with you to get your dog the personality that you desire.

Adopted dogs are so fun and you want to teach them commands through Dog Training Tulsa Tips. Whether you have adopted your dog from a shelter or you have purchased a puppy from a breeder we want to help you. we can fix any behavioral issue that your puppy may have and that is annoying to you. we focus on training your dog with a quality skills from our years of experience. and we want to give you everything that you want and your dog.

We specialize in potty training trick training, teaching your dog’s commands to name a few. it is important to remember that we can offer multiple different things that you want to help with your dog. it can be a simple as teaching your dog not to pull from a leash which can be done in just a couple of days of training. or if it has as severe as maybe aggressive issues or dogs who have anxieties with certain things.

For any questions that you may have related to training your dog I would be happy to help you so please call 918-550-5557. Our team here at make your job epic is so eager to talk with you and answer any questions. you can also visit our website www.makeyourdogepic.com. In our website you can learn more about our training processes and what we can do to help you. we here at make your dog epic absolutely love dogs and want to make you and your dog a part of our family.

Dog Training Tulsa Tips | Group Class Training

A very popular option for Dog Training Tulsa Tips Is our group dog training classes. A very interesting thing about our group training classes is that you get them for life. we don’t want you here for just a few days or even just a couple of weeks we want you here for forever. We not only do group class training but we also offer one-on-one training and boarding school. we want to make sure that we provide the ferris learning environment for your dog so we want you to take a one-on-one training session or apply your dog to boarding school so that you can then have the group classes for life.

Dogs are amazing creatures but they need Dog Training Tulsa Tips. Some dogs can do a very well in a group classes this as meaning when you and your dog sit in with other dogs in a class and you all are the same tricks or commands. most dogs however cannot focus in a group sitting. it can be very distracting to some dogs and they will not learn anything that they are being commanded to. with this being said you need to go through the one-on-one training or the boarding school before going to a group class so that your dog knows how to listen to you.

There is no doubt that your dog will learn a lot through Dog Training Tulsa Tips. Our group training class is very popular among our customers. with any package that you do our group class is actually free. and you can participate in the group class twice a week. commands that we work on in our group class are, heal, sit, stay, etc. we have had multiple questions concerning our group classes that I would like to address.

You can bring one dog to the group class with you. in the group class you and your dog will be learning with other dogs in a environment that a trainer is teaching all the dogs at the same command. we also work with the owners to trade them how to give proper commands. a concern that our customers have is will the other dogs play with your dog. we do not allow any of the dogs in the group class to play. if you want to have your dogs play with any of the other dogs then that should be done outside of the group class.

The group class is a great way to introduce your dog to more commands. it is also great to keep your dog learning and active around other dogs. for any questions about the group learning environment please feel free to call us at 918-550-5557. We also have an amazing website that allows you to look into what we do and who are training professionals are. please visit our website at www.makeyourdogepic.com. We are super excited to hear from you and get you signed up for a dog training session.

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