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Dog Training In Tulsa | Why Should We Train Our Dogs And What For?


For so many reasons Dog Training In Tulsa is extremely important and possibly undervalued because most associate the training to be with a negatively behaving dog one that is in fact not the case and most of the time our training can be designed specifically for you and your dog to me if that is aggression, tricks and activities, or anything a little too big to handle on your own. As trainers we are here to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of how your dog handles their environment, ultimately providing you with the best resources and knowledge to help your dog.

To make it short though Dog Training In Tulsa Is used to be able to train an animal to react a specific way, behave a specific way, or attach certain actions with specific results or Consequences. training is usually specific to each dog and their capabilities or their needs and they need to improve on. Your dog begins learning many things from the day they are born based on their environment, the people around them, and the fellow animals they interact with. However, this can be molded into a better-behaved dog or a more knowledgeable owner by taking our training classes today.

One of the most common terms in the Dog Training In Tulsa community is classical conditioning Which explains what we stated previously that your dog is continuously learning based on their environment from an early age. with this, your dog is automatically going to associate surroundings or items with a specific behavior or reaction. To put it simply, if your dog grows up seeing a piece of bacon on the counter and you hand them that piece of bacon every single time every single day, your dog is ultimately going to associate that counter and that piece of bacon as theirs everyday for the rest of their life.

You may be thinking that the term classical conditioning now sounds very scary and like you don’t understand it but that is actually super untrue considering that the association of rewards and consequences with specific actions or behavior to your dog does it’s role in our training. We train our dogs with what is known as reward-based training so they often associate a specific action with positive or any of the above that works for your pet.

Training your canine can be useful for many reasons ranging from Easy Behavior correction, trick learning, or anything that you as the owner could expand your knowledge on or improve. If you are interested in our services, go ahead and check us out at makeyourdogepic.com and let us understand exactly why you are hoping to train your dog. We welcome calls at any time through our main line which is 918-550-5557. Let us help you train your dog for whatever reason that may be!

Dog Training In Tulsa | Training Our Canines 100 years ago

Believe it or not, Dog Training In Tulsa has actually been around for well over 100 years. you may be thinking well I am familiar with animal training but specifically dogs? Yes, that is correct. We have been training and researching how to properly train canines for well over 100 years alongside many other animals such as pigeons, foxes, and even more! However, Canines have specifically been targeted for training purposes well over 100 years ago such as the time between 1:27 and 116 BC. if you don’t know what happened during this time I’m going to go ahead and explain it to you and how it relates to current dog training in a new age.

Between the years pf 127-116 B.C. A man referred to as Marcus Varro attempted to begin Dog Training In Tulsa and made it a point to record all information learned in order to His fellow people in Rome. Heard that correctly, Marcus was a Roman farmer who simply wanted to train dogs to herd livestock. This practice is actually actively seen in our daily lives today on Farmer’s properties when they allow a specific breed to their dogs as they have been bred to do. Now we can actually refer back to these and learn that most of them were in fact able to be used to create a routine in which dogs would understand a specific task.

The next big advancements and means of research that have been found for Dog Training In Tulsa happened to be from the year 1848. Now this could be where we have adapted most of our known training processes and respects that we Implement in our dog training today. in the year 1848 a man under the name of W.N. Hutchinson Wrote a book referred to as dog breaking; the most expeditious, certain and easy method, with a great Excellence are only mediocrity be required, with odds and ends for those who love the dog and the gun. If that isn’t a tongue twister I don’t know what it is but this book in fact did have a lot of importance in the reward that we know Implement today.

Not only do we Implement reward-based training but it is used within our own personal training services here at Make Your Dog Epic and we definitely recommend it even in your personal time to use this as a training system for simple simple things in the house. The dogs may have been trained for incredibly outrageous Feats over a hundred years ago. That does not mean they have stopped training animals for incredible jobs since then. We often see dogs cast with Incredible jobs As service dogs, Farm dogs, livestock Guardians, even sled pushers in the Autobahn!

Here at make your dog epic the only thing we know is that we can help you and your furry friend with whatever situation you may be in and with whatever training you may need. our dogs are man’s best friend so go ahead and make sure your best friend has the best care and understanding of their environment as possible. You can schedule your first appointment at Makeyourdogepic.com or give us a call anytime at 918-550-5557.

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