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There are so many reasons why you should consider using make your dog epic for any of your Dog Training In Tulsa service needs. One of the main reasons you should choose us is definitely because the owner of Make Your Dog Epic has over 25 years of business experience and strives to continuously enhance and develop companies. Another important aspect of the founder of Make Your Dog Epic, Clay Clark, is that he strongly believes you should always be able to test the waters of the service or physical item you may be purchasing from a company. these reasons the most common out of many other things make clay a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and respected founder of making your dog Epic

With all these wonderful reasons as to why you should choose our founder and our facility for your Dog Training In Tulsa needs, the founder decided it to be most important for you to be able to book your first lesson at just 50 cents today. With this we want to make sure that you can trust our trainers as much as you trust your dog. allowing you to have a consultation for just $0.50 with our trainers means you get exactly that chance to meet and understand what your trainer’s goals and aspirations are for you and your dog.

By disregarding all high scale and up charging techniques to bring in business here and make your dog epic for ​​Dog Training In Tulsa, we are Paving the way to create an affordable and trustworthy service for anyone and everyone to be able to get training for their dog arranging from the simplest to the most complex issues whatever that may be.

The founder of make your dog epic definitely understands the year are many horror stories regarding people attempting to find the proper Trainers for their dogs and spending hellacious amounts of money on said things but we know that here and make your dog epic we are doing the complete opposite of that. We do not want to break your bank or provide you with an extremely complex and hard to understand process or routine to follow in order for our services to work. Instead, we like to provide a simple streamlined service to help you and your dog while remaining completely affordable within personalized budgets.

don’t just believe us you can check out more information on our website at make your dog epic.com or give us a call anytime at 918-550 5557. don’t hesitate to ask us about our lovely founder of the company or about how we can help you today and provide the training necessary for you and your family to regain a sense of control in your household. don’t forget we also have a bunch of lovely reviews and testimonials from our previous clients on our website so you can see it and believe it.

Dog Training In Tulsa | Long Lost History Of Canines

Here at Make Your Dog Epic we definitely like to lighten the mood with helpful information, fun tips, fun tricks, and just all around fun regarding our favorite Dog Training In Tulsa. With that, we would like to go ahead and provide you with some awesome information for you to understand exactly where we Source our methodology and procedures from and how we’ve determined what to be the best and when. As with anything else in order to do that we had to dive a little deeper into the history of dog training, what exactly occurred then and how they proceeded with training their canine friends over 100 years ago. For you to have a better understanding we will go ahead and explain that dog training is actually most commonly used in order to teach dogs specific commands and or activities.

To start off with the history of Dog Training In Tulsa you should understand that one of the most important processes in domesticating an animal is known as classical conditioning. and in other terms your dog is going to begin to connect the dots between certain actions and reactions. meaning what they do may be rewarded or may not be rewarded and in which they will understand what is good and bad behavior. After that we begin to utilize a method called habituation which means we will ultimately modify your dog’s Behavior to best suit the needs and goals we are aiming for in your Dog Training In Tulsa services.

Now what is most commonly seen today is what is referred to as reward training which means we are going to reward your canine friend for successfully completing a specific task or correcting a specific behavior with positive reinforcement. with this positive reinforcement you know there are actually tons of other things that you will see such as relationship-based training or clicker training. There are many different types of training methods and we like to utilize specific ones for specific dogs based on their needs in particular and the goals of the owner.

And a really fun factor is that before the year 1900 we actually attempted to use our dogs to help in the war. One man in particular paved the way for this idea of using our animals. In Berlin he was appointed principal of State breeding and training establishment for officer canines. This facility was near Berlin and he continuously attempted to research the capabilities of canines and our ability to train them by gathering information and submitting it.

Now of course we do not utilize older methods or research regarding the training and behavioral therapy for dogs but there are definitely plenty of things we took from the research and development done over 100 years ago. However we know that we can help assist you and your dog with our proven methods so go ahead and give us a call at 918-550-5557 or visit our website makeyourdogepic.com to check out some cool history facts about our canine friends.

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