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Dog Training In Tulsa | Aggression In Dogs


We strive to provide no judgment whether that be for aggressive behavior or anxiety in your animal. We definitely want to make sure that you can get the help you need today with our Dog Training In Tulsa services. That is why we provide top of the line aggression and anxiety Training Services here at our facility. You can even schedule that first lesson or consultation today for just 50 cents if you are in any way curious whether your dog’s behavior is to be found as anxious or aggressive. We want to make sure that you and your family can be equipped to deal with these issues instead of seeking out one of the less favored methods such as euthanization.

go ahead and ask yourself is my dog showing any signs of aggressive behavior such as hating irregular beings like the mailman, a cat, or specific genders? Then we can definitely help you out with our Dog Training In Tulsa that provides top of the line information and resources to help your dog cope with the anxiety or aggression they are feeling. It is actually very common for us to work with aggressive dogs and some of the most frequently seen issues are alpha aggression, territory or resource guarding, and fear-based aggression as well.

If you think we are describing some of the signs of your dog go ahead and give us a call today because we think it is very important that you get in as quickly as possible so we can assist you and your family with our top of the line Dog Training In Tulsa. After giving us a call we are going to go ahead and provide you and your family with the resources and training needed to correct your dog’s Behavior. The longer your animal has been showing signs of aggression the longer training will take to succeed.

No matter how long or what type of aggression your animal is showing we definitely want to help you out today so go ahead and give us a call at 918-550-5557 to see exactly how we can help you and your animal today. we will help you either fix or control your animals aggressive behavior meaning we can definitely correct it or we can put a limit on the behavior. The main importance is that your dog must know you are the alpha and the leader of their pack. check out more information on the most commonly seeing aggressive behaviors in dogs at makeyourdogepic.com.

We believe there is no one better than our trainers to assist you and your family and grow today. don’t let your dog’s aggressive behavior rule your life or tempt you to choose an unfortunate path such as euthanization overtraining, instead reach out to our awesome team to assist you today and set up that first appointment for just 50 cents.

Dog Training In Tulsa | Did you know?

Of course we always want to lighten the mood here and make your dog epic and not just focus on the exact reason you are here, Dog Training In Tulsa, which is why we like to add in some fun information on our website here and there about dogs just because we love dogs so much whether that be for training or in our personal lives. We feel like educating people on the history and nature of dogs definitely helps to listen to common misconceptions. So in this article we are going to go ahead and discuss a few fun little facts and tidbits about a very favorite animal in the world, dogs! as well as exactly what makes them Epic.

One of the most interesting facts that is taught during our Dog Training In Tulsa is that dogs absolutely despise Citrus smells more than anything else and most owners aren’t typically aware of this. go ahead and take a big sniff of your garbage can and then you will understand exactly why dogs hate Citrus odors because they are so similar to the way we perceive garbage smells. Of course every animal differs so not every single dog behaves as such when they are around a citrus smell and in fact citrus can be used as a repellent for certain bugs and such from your dog.

Another really interesting fact about dogs that we try to teach during our Dog Training In Tulsa is that a total of 23 States actually banned all types of chaining or ties to steaks and other non-moving objects. Now of course there are certain limitations to this law in these 23 States such as some only limiting the amount of time a dog can be chained or if their owner is present. Now while the dog is tied they must have the ability to reach all Necessities such as food and water or shelter. Disobeying these laws can definitely lead to Legal actions that you do not want to partake in. Not to mention our animals get cold just as we do and it is best to bring them inside.

The last commonly asked question that most people are simply surprised by is should we allow our dog to pee in someone else’s yard? The answer to this is actually no you should not allow your dog to do that because they have certain chemicals within their urine that can destroy the grass and the dirt beneath. There are definitely ways for you as the owner to help protect your neighbor’s yards from your pups’ urine and one of those is a very special aspect of potty training. This aspect is that you need to help your dog understand there are designated areas and designated times for using the restroom.

We hope that you can take these facts into consideration and understand that we just want to provide the most knowledge possible to all of our clients, whether that be in regards to aggressive behavior, fun little facts, and Training Services. If you do feel that we would be a good fit for you and your dog, go ahead and give us a call at 918-550-5557 or visit our website at makeyourdogepic.com to schedule your first appointment today and check out more fun facts on our blog.

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