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Board & Training Boise, Idaho | One on One Empowerment Training


At Board & Training Boise, Idaho Epic, our overarching mission is to elevate the well-being of dogs, enriching their lives and fostering a heightened sense of happiness and freedom through proper training. We are deeply committed to addressing behavioral challenges that, if left unattended, could tragically lead to the unnecessary euthanasia of beloved companions. Our dedication to this cause is underscored by our remarkable track record, boasting a success rate of up to 98% in resolving such issues within an impressively short timeframe of 1-3 weeks.

With Board & Training Boise, Idaho Epic training, the heart of our approach lies in private training sessions, meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of both dogs and their owners. Opting for private training ensures a personalized and comfortable environment, whether in the familiarity of your home or at a nearby park. With our experienced trainers guiding you every step of the way, this training journey becomes a collaborative effort tailored to your dog’s specific requirements and your training goals.

Our process at Board & Training Boise, Idaho includes Foundation Building: In the realm of in-home training, we initiate the process with the crucial foundation-building phase. During these initial sessions, our seasoned trainers establish a connection with your dog, laying the groundwork for the entire training process. Our objective is to impart a general understanding of training concepts to your dog so that when you actively participate, the transition is seamless and effective. This strong foundation is pivotal in ensuring that your dog comprehends the training techniques and responds positively to the overall process.

Tailored Training for Unique Needs: Every dog is unique, and we acknowledge the diversity in their temperaments, behaviors, and learning styles. Our private training sessions are meticulously tailored to address these individual differences. This personalized approach allows our trainers to identify specific challenges, strengths, and preferences exhibited by your dog, creating a customized training plan that maximizes effectiveness. Comfortable Environment: Choosing private training offers the advantage of a familiar and comfortable environment for both you and your dog. Whether it’s the cozy surroundings of your home or the open spaces of a nearby park, your dog can focus on learning without the potential distractions and stresses associated with group settings. This comfort enhances the learning experience, fostering a positive and conducive atmosphere for effective training. Guidance Throughout the Journey: Our experienced trainers serve as dedicated guides throughout your training journey. From the foundational sessions to the more advanced training stages, our experts are there to offer support, answer questions, and provide constructive feedback. This ongoing guidance ensures that you and your dog remain on track, making consistent progress towards your training goals. Efficient Issue Resolution: One of the hallmarks of Make Your Dog Epic Dog Training is our efficiency in resolving behavioral issues.

If you like more information about this offering or any other information about epic and its services you can find us at https://makeyourdogepic.com/ Where you’ll find our origin story, all the dog training service options Available to You now, location and location information, how we make a difference in our community and you’ll have access to our community blog as well. prefer a phone conversation you can reach us at 208-421-9229.

Board & Training Boise, Idaho | Owner / Canine Wardrobe Creation Laboratory

Another great offering we’d like to discuss at Board & Training Boise, Idaho is our Owner / Canine Wardrobe Creation Laboratory. This Innovative and exciting new offering takes the concept of dressing your dog to a new level entirely. your pet will actively dissipate in the process of choosing the materials and creating its very own wardrobe. The possibilities are endless between the collaboration of you and your papa and we’ll go as far as your imagination can take you. From channeling Mad Max Vibes to embracing the Elegance of Belle from Beauty and the Beast our creation route laboratory is a wonderful current experience that will change how the world sees your furry friend.

The concept of Board & Training Boise, Idaho Epic’s Owner / Canine Wardrobe Creation LaboratoryFind its origin in we believe that dressing up your dog should be a collaborative and enjoyable experience. it involves around the traditional notion of pet fashion and transforming that into this collaborative Network involving your dog to to select the materials and supplies that craft into thematic wardrobes for your dog. This process is interactive and has a touch of whimsical and definitely personalization to your dog style.

How does it work at Board & Training Boise, Idaho Epic’s Wardrobe Creation LaboratoryYou might ask? that the laboratory experience begins with a curated selection of materials, accessories , fabrics and themed elements that suit your particular dog style. your dog guided by a train facilitator and yourself included get to choose the components of the Wardrobe. They make their selections either using their nose, their paws or any kind of playful interaction. Once chosen the materials are put together and assembled into images that create and transform your dog into a wearable Masterpiece of perfection.

We’ve seen it all done before from the Mad Max Team to Belle from Beauty and the Beast themed and everywhere in between. We offer a plethora of teams to suit every taste on occasion , this may include superhero capes to Vintage chic. Each team is designed to inspire creativity and showcase not only your own artistic side but display it on your furry friend. customization options allow you to mix and match any of the materials that you can find made up a perfectly unique sequence.

Once everything’s put together you will leave with your canine dress to the nines and before you go and of course have a complimentary photo shoot scheduled for you and your dog. This will be sent to you in multiple formats so you can take that and put it into a photo album or add it to your dog’s Instagram whatever you would like. we’re inclusive for all the breeds, sizes , types of coats and whatnot. if you’d like to learn more you can find us at our website https://makeyourdogepic.com/ where you can read more about our origin story, all the dog training service options available to you, our locations and location information, how we make a difference in our community, reviews and FAQs and you’ll have access to our community blog as well. If you prefer a phone call you can reach us at 208-421-9229.

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