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Board and Training Tulsa Dog Training | Don’t Hesitate Today


Hesitation is definitely a huge factor why someone would consider but then later not attend Board and Training Tulsa Dog Training Which is why we want to be able to put you and your family at ease knowing your dog is getting the best care possible here at our boarding facility. any questions or concerns you may have will definitely be answered prior to placing your dog in our facility and we are more than happy to even provide you a tour of our facility to put you at ease. just make sure to give us a call in order to schedule that tour and we can definitely let you see where your dog will be learning these necessary skills. it is also important to note that any and all dogs can be trained just to make sure your pup is at least over the age of 4 months.

Our methodology is one of the best for Board and Training Tulsa Dog Training because we know that our abilities will provide you and your dog with the best outcome possible and if they don’t we do guarantee your money back. after your dog has completed any boarding training then you will also be rewarded with a lifetime ability to attend the group sessions for free. to reiterate your group sessions will be free of charge for the rest of your life after your dog has completed either a one-on-one session or board and training session here at Make Your Dog Epic. we like to provide this because we know that some skills may need adjusting or working on even after the fact of completion for training.

something as simple as socialization could definitely benefit from these group lessons as well after you’ve attended our Board and Training Tulsa Dog Training. however, while your dog is in our boarding schools it is best to know that they will train around other dogs but they will not play with other dogs due to the fact that we do train aggressive ones. your dog as well as every other dog in our facility safety is our number one priority which is why we do not allow them to play together but definitely socializing and train is important. With this, after that has happened you can definitely visit our group sessions to enhance the socialization skills your dog has.

Questions are completely normal and common when you are about to send your dog into the care of someone else other than yourself so we want to make sure that you can have any questions answered during your first lesson/consultation by paying just 50 cents today. that is correct you only pay $0.50 for that first lesson in which we will discuss the best methods and moves forward in order to benefit you and your dog.

you can check out more information about the services we offer at our website makeyourdogepic.com. The website also has some awesome information about the other services we offer, fun facts regarding canines, and much more. for any other questions you may have please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 918-550-5557.

Board and Training Tulsa Dog Training | Aggressive Behavior And Unsure Where To Go?

Aggressive or anxious behavior is actually more common than you think within canines but most Board and Training Tulsa Dog Training don’t provide you and your family with the flexibility, affordability, and understanding compassionate trainers like we do here at Make Your Dog Epic. This is only one of the many things that sets us apart from other boarding facilities here in Tulsa. One of the main reasons that we want to provide a comfortable space for you and your family is to be able to best attack the anxious Behavior or aggressive behavior your dog is showing. we know it may be overwhelming for you to participate in the training which is definitely why we want to provide you the option for boarding classes. It is also a good idea to consider our boarding school if you believe that your schedule will not fit at all with any of our training options for one-on-one.

As we do train aggressive and or anxious dogs within our Board and Training Tulsa Dog Training facility we make sure not to allow our canines to play together but they definitely will be training side by side. you may be asking yourself well what is my anxious dog going to gain from the training? your dog is going to gain so many skills and so much knowledge from our trainers to be able to best progress past the anxious behavior that they are showing. On top of this we will provide you with free for life group lessons for your dog to gain great social skills even after our boarding school has been completed.

do you have multiple dogs that are showing signs of aggression or anxiety and you don’t believe Board and Training Tulsa Dog Training will benefit all of them? we can definitely provide you a discounted rate for group or multiple dog appointments so don’t hesitate to give us a call as we will group train for anxiety and aggression. No matter what type of anxiety or aggression your dog is showing whether it is territorial, fear-associated, or possessive Associated we can definitely help you out and are familiarized with each area.

you may not know exactly which area your dog is showing aggression or anxiety in which is completely fine you and our personal trainers can discuss and review your dog’s Behavior within your first consultation in order to decide what the best plan would be. As we stated before our trainers are here to help you understand exactly the best game plan to improve your dog’s life and your relationship.

go ahead and check out the reviews and testimonials from our amazing and previous clients and their loving canine friends on our website at makeyourdogepic.com Or don’t hesitate to give us a call at 918-550-5557 to talk a one-on-one with one of our faculty members.

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