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Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training | Tricks Your Dog Can Learn


Enrolling your dog in Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training Isn’t just about obedience it’s an adventure that unlocks a whole list of delightful tricks. Our trainers are experts at Epic and they go beyond the basics. They turn training in that experience into a whole Showcase of your dogs Charming intelligence. Today we’ll go over the top 10 tricks that your dog is guaranteed to master no matter what size or breed or temperament during the epic board training program.

During Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training the first trick that we will teach is the high fine power shake. Which is the foundation of the start of any beautiful relationship. Your dog will learn the art of extending the Paw for a friendly high five or traditional Shake and this classic trick not only showcases your dog’s manners but also adds a touch of charm to any interaction. Another great trick and usually the second that they will learn is how to roll over. Now this is more of a crowd pleaser than most and it is a playful display of your dog’s agility as well. Just imagine the Joy on your friend’s face as they see your canine effortlessly rollover at your command which proves that training at Epic goes beyond. a less well known trick that they’ll learn and likely the third one that they’ll learn is to spend and twirl bet you haven’t seen that before. It’s an amazing feat that your dog gracefully spends and Twirls on queue. This trick adds a little bit of Elegance to your dog’s personality and repertoire, leaving onlookers highly impressed by their intelligence and agility.

At Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training another trick that they’ll learn is The Balancing Act Now what is this you may ask well The Balancing Act is a unique trick where your dog learns to balance items on their nose. This can be treated or small objects. It’s important not to put anything too heavy on your dog’s nose by the way. This impressive fee is not only entertaining but it’s also a testament to your dog’s focus and concentration.

Playing dead is a staple and if your dog doesn’t know it already this classic trick will be taught and it showcases your dog’s ability to just follow commands with a little Flair. your dog will learn how to lie down and stay motionless like it’s dead and so given the signal “wake up”. Another great trick that they’ll learn is teaching your dog to retrieve certain items. Imagine The Testament to your dog’s intelligence when you say are you ready for a walk go get your leash and it goes and gets leash. It could be a favorite toy or any kind of specific object. This Advanced trick demonstrates your dog’s ability to understand your commands and overall intelligence.

if you like to hear more you can visit us at our website atmakeyourdogepic.comWhere you can find more information about our story all the dog training service options available to you our location and location information how we make a difference in our community customer reviews FAQs contact information and access to our blog Community as well. You can also contact us at 208-421-9229 for a conversation and we’d love to hear from you.

Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training | Why Negative Reinforcement is Your Worst Option

Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training and how positive reinforcement is the best approach. Negative reinforcement which is often associated with the punishment Based training methods is absolutely an account of a productive approach to training your dog. This can lead to all kinds of different negative or adverse effects on your canine’s behavior and well-being. At Epic we firmly believe in the power of positive reinforcement as the superior alternative. In fact we believe negative reinforcement is Draconian and cruel. This is why we have a specialized board training program to help your canine to unlearn any behaviors that a previous owner had imparted upon due to negative reinforcement.

During Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training negative reinforcement rehab we guarantee removal of behaviors for your dog. negative reinforcement involves playing inverse stimulus to stop a discourage undesirable Behavior in this concluded physical Corrections scolding or other punitive measures. Research has shown that negative reinforcement is way less effective and also detrimental to your dog’s overall mental health especially. Canines subjected to this type of punishment Based training may develop several issues including fear aggression anxiety and creating an environment that is kind of productive to the goal of fostering a positive relationship between the dog and the owner.

Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training Negative Reinforcement Rehab We’ll go over the drawbacks of negative reinforcement and its potential for creating fear and mistrust and dogs. When they are subject to this type of instruction they associate fear and discomfort to the training process itself which is meant to be a beautiful and positive type of endeavor. Some things that may happen because of this is it would hinder their ability to learn new behaviors, would stop the learning process essentially and make the dog much tougher to train going forward. This is a fear-based approach that can lead to the breakdown of the bond between the dog and owner and keep your dog stressed and anxious.

Most importantly, negative reinforcement always fails to address what the root cause of the under undesirable Behavior really is. instead of teaching a dog what is expected of them it’s teaching them to suppress Behavior temporarily only. This can obviously Branch off into a whole league of other issues some of which we’ve discussed already but regardless they’re always undesirable alternative behaviors and create a rift in the understanding that you and your dog have together.

if you’d like to hear more or reach out to us in contact us you can find us on the internet at atmakeyourdogepic.com where you’ll find information about our story all the dog training service options Available to You including tips tricks locations in a location information how we make a difference in our community our customer reviews faq’s contact information and access to our blog community. You can also contact us at 208-421-9229. We look forward to hearing from you.

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