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Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training | Programs for Blind Dogs


At Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training We’d like to introduce a branch making a new Innovative training Pro program for blind dogs. This program is a revolutionary initiative designed to empower visually impaired canines on their path forward in life. It’s focused on enhancing their overall well-being and how to cope without one of life’s most important senses. The program is specialized and it’s a testament to our commitment to inclusivity ensuring that every dog has an option for a bright future regardless of their abilities and has the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and enriched life.

During Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training Blind Dog program we will tailor the program to the unique needs of not only blind dogs in general but also your blind dog specifically. The foundation of the epics blind program lies in the deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by canines that are visually impaired. This includes navigating their surroundings to build trust in the companions of homo sapien likeness. These dogs do require specialized training techniques that we’ve mastered here at Epic and they cater to your dog’s sensory strengths.

Going overBoard and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training Epic Blind Dog aspects, here is a breakdown. There’s a strong emphasis on the enhancement of the remaining senses of your blind dog in this program. Through our specialized training with proven success dogs learn to rely on their other acute senses such as smell, touch and hearing to navigate the wild world around them. Our trainers employed Innovative techniques that stimulate these senses and Foster a greater awareness to compensate for division that your dog lacks.

The aspect of this training program is spatial awareness and navigation which focuses on creating a mental map of your dog surroundings. This includes learning to follow cues and understanding obstacles. We have designed exercises that Empower your dog to set this mental map up in their mind and increase their confidence as they Shuffle around this Mortal coil. Another focus is communication, especially for blind dogs. Communication is absolutely crucial. Our trainers at Epic specialize in adapting communication techniques that cater to your blind dog. This means touch vocal cues and reinforcement of positive behaviors like treats can facilitate an increased bond between you, the owner and your prized pawed friend. Problem solving and critical thinking exercises comprised one of the most important aspects of this training for blind dogs. Perhaps to your surprise blind dogs actually excel at critical thinking due to their heightened senses in other regards. Our program incorporates such engaging exercises that stimulate the Acuity of your blind dog. as you can imagine this enriches your dog’s life and as your dog’s life is enriched so is yours.

you can find out more about this program in so so many more that we have available at Epic at our website which is makeyourdogepic.comWhere you’ll find our origin story all the dog training service options available to you location information how we make a difference in the community reviews from our customers faq’s contact information and access to our blog. in addition you can reach us at 208-421-9229.

Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training | Ballroom Dancing Classes for Your Dog

Prepare to be dazzled by an epic revolutionary ballroom dancing training program for dogs as part of our Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training curriculum. This Innovative new program is one of a kind and developed with and by some of the world’s top dog scientists and veterinarians in combination with some of the best ballroom dancers ever known to this world. it goes beyond traditional obedience turning your furry friend into a dance partner extraordinaire. prepare yourself for a terrific blend of canine companionship and graceful choreography that will leave Tails wagging and hands clapping.

Module 1 of Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training Ballroom Dancing is Canine choreography basics. you will find yourself and your powerful puppy being introduced and guided through basic dance steps introduced to the world of Rhythm and movement as part of the fundamentals canine choreography program. From simple spends to graceful turns the basics of moving in sync with the human partners will be learned directly and quickly by your canine companion. This is the foundation of everything else we’ll teach as far as the ballroom training course and we’ll touch upon the rest of the curriculum as shown below.

This curriculum consists of six modules which are titled Tango with treated partnered pivots and Twirls musical freestyle flourishes and costume coordination and Stage presence. once training is complete you and your canine friend will have the option to enter into various canine dance competitions and showcases. in fact the program culminates in a production that you and your dog amongst other attendees just like yourselves will participate in a competition where first place gets the training for free and will be part of our commercial. These events celebrate the joy of the canine dance and in addition showcase the unique talents of your dog. Continuous practice is important for both you and your dog to retain and build on the skills that you learn in this canine ballroom dancing course. We understand that the importance of maintaining dance proficiency is great. owners receive guidance on incorporating dance into their daily routines showing that your dog stays engaged and continues to cut the rug on the dance floor. We will provide ongoing support and weekly classes based upon your availability including group classes that will allow you and your dog to grow and evolve over time together.

In conclusion , our revolutionary ballroom dancing training program for your dogs is a celebration of the extraordinary bond between you and your partner. if you’d like to hear more you can find our contact information and also tons of other information on our website makeyourdogepic.comWhere you find our story all the dog training service options Available to You including this course our locations and location information how we make a difference in our community our client reviews and FAQs are contact information and access to our blog community. in addition you can reach us at 208-421-9229.

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