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Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training | Confidence Training


As part of Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training, Epic dog training probably introduces a new groundbreaking confidence training course. This course is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of dogs that have previously been abused. as Trailblazers Epic understands and recognizes the challenges faced by these resilient canine companions. Our expert trainers have crafted a comprehensive program aimed at rebuilding trust in humans instilling confidence in fostering a positive transformation in dogs that have experienced some kind of trauma in their past.

In Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training confidence program, it’s important to understand the challenges of dogs that have been abused and have endured the abuse of others which can manifest emotional scars resulting in behavioral issues including fear aggression anxiety and the complete lack of trust in humans in general. The confidence training course acknowledges the specific challenges faced by these dogs and effectively addresses these issues to a tailored curriculum that prioritizes the emotional well-being of your specific dog in the challenges it may have faced in the past.

During the Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training confidence program, Epic is focused on building trust through patients. A major Cornerstone of the confidence training course is the patient gradual approach taken by our expert trainer . It’s important to recognize that a fundamental element in any program that’s going to be successful is establishing a foundation of patriot patients which allows dogs to acclimate at their Pace in a safe and positive environment especially for dogs that have experienced abuse by the hands of a human.

One of the main ways that we conduct this training is positive reinforcement techniques which you will find in every single one of our training programs here at epic. contrary to punitive methods that may exacerbate anxiety and abused dogs to confidence course at Epic lies heavily on positive reinforcement techniques to build their confidence Inhumans once again our methods are specifically tailored towards rewarding desired behaviors which create a positive association with training and over time build up the dog’s confidence through encouraging experiences it’s a beautiful thing. We have customized training plans available that we will take an accounting of your Dog and Its Behavior will understand as best as we can what has happened to it previously before you had them and we would tailor and customize these programs to your dog in the specific triggers that it exhibits. part of our approach is a gradual approach to stimuli to address fears and anxieties. the course of a corporate planned exposure programs carefully introducing stimuli that may trigger these negative reactions in your dog. We’ll continue also when your dog is ready depending upon the special needs of its socialization opportunities. Our experts will create a foundation of continuous support monitoring that you can keep up at home and ways to measure to track your progress with your puppy in a measurable quantitative way. In conclusion , at Epic our dog training’s confidence course represents compassion and the fact of approach to rehabit rehabilitating any previously abused dogs. We prioritize trust and and through the work.

if you’d like to hear more or to reach out to wish you can find us on the internet at makeyourdogepic.com. In addition you can give us a call at 208-421-9229.

Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training | Pawsitively Hilarious Canine Linguistics Masterclass

One of our newest and most exciting training programs available at Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training is our Pawsitively Hilarious Canine Linguistics Masterclass. Prepare for a one-of-a-kind linguistic adventure with epic dog dog training and positively hilarious canine linguistics masterclass. Embark on a journey that will turn your four-legged friend into a linguistic Marvel speaking that’s right English. your dog will Master the English language and become the ultimate dog interpreter. get ready for a delightful blend of laughter learning canine humor that will leave Tails wagging in amazement and people clapping.

The first module in Pawsitively Hilarious Canine Linguistics Masterclass as an option in Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog TrainingIs module 1 wolf towards 101. dive into the fundamentals of our course as your dog learns the art of translating barks into English he will decode classic wolf to understanding intricacies of canine Communications this module lays the groundwork for your puppy list of information and transformation your little buddy will evolve into a true linguistic prodigy.

Board and Training Boise, Idaho Dog Training Pawsitively Hilarious Canine Linguistics Masterclass Module 2 is vocabulary expansion. In this module we will expand upon the basic words that your dog already knows. you’re probably trying to express a range of emotions sophisticated and such ranging from excitement to displeasure even and Eve and even add a touch of existential dread that all humans experience.

Now let’s go over the various other modules without going too much into the details at a high level. module free is sitcom barks and punchlines besides laughter to your puppies linguistic repertoire. module 4 focuses on personality development which transforms your dog into a Charming socialite or contemplative philosopher or even a goofy jokester. This module ensures your dog communicates authentically and hilariously unleashes the inner character making every interaction and delightful surprise. module 5 is multilingual canine banter. We do have options to introduce other languages to your dogs vocal range but only once English is mastered. in an effort to reinforce not only your dog’s confidence and it’s jokes we do have an intermediate course which is the canine stand-up comedy night where your dog will tell jokes some from famous comedians that’s already been told and also see if they can come up with its own writing as well and incorporate its own unique sense of humor into its sets.

if you’d like to learn more you can visit us at our website which is makeyourdogepic.com where you’ll find our story in Origins the dog training service options available to you our location location information how we make a difference in the community our customer reviews and faq’s a contact and contact information for each location and access to our blog community. You can also reach us at 208-421-92294 verbal conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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