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Board And Train Tulsa | Pricing Is Very Important


If you yourself have not attempted to seek out Board And Train Tulsa services then you are probably not aware of the inability for certain people to afford said training due to the extremely high pricing. Well, here at Make Your Dog Epic we definitely understand that some dog trainers want to charge you an arm and a leg just to be able to teach your dog how to stand, shake, and sit. That is why we want to be able to provide you and your family the most affordable personalized plan possible for your dog, as we know the serious Importance of Being able to provide proper training to your canine friend. As well as our founders 25 plus years of experience running amazing businesses, we understand the need for competitive and matching prices.

Along with understanding that the pricing of our Board And Train Tulsa services are extremely important and personalized to each individual, we want to make sure that we can Service as many communities as possible which is why we offer Training Services all the way from Begs to Sapulpa and Sand Springs as well as anything in between. We even offer services to Coweta and Bixby as well, though you should note that we are located in Tulsa but do provide one-on-one training in your home! So long as it is extremely achievable and flexible, we want to make sure that if you do run into the instance of a cheaper trainer we can match that price in order to benefit you with the best possible trainer.

So in other words we are more than happy to beat or even match competitors pricing for Board And Train Tulsa services that are similar in product to ours. However, you should be more than aware that the first ever lesson you are going to get will be just 50 cents because we want you to be confident in our trainers, and comfortable with the abilities that they present to you. This is just one of the many other reasons why we are one of the most affordable Dog Training Services here in Tulsa because with that first lesson you are going to discuss a personalized plan that will best benefit you and your dog. On top of that we do offer our competitive and price matching bonuses of the business.

If you’re still not sure about our services please check out our reviews and testimonials on our website to see exactly how we have helped other families and their dogs grow from the chair and uneasiness that has been in their house due to their canine. Your home and your dog should be peaceful and as the owner you should be more than willing to seek out the proper services in order to help your dog achieve that.

Go ahead and schedule that first visit today at our website makeyourdogepic.com for just 50 cents and then during the consultation if you feel like the prices we are negotiating are more than or equivalent to a competitor we can definitely beat them or match them. you’re also more than welcome to give us a call at 918-550-5557.

Board And Train Tulsa | Our Methods Range

We are more than a Board And Train Tulsa dog training service facility, we are an educational facility here to teach owners and their pets how to have the best relationship possible. With this and with our Founders over 25 years of experience running amazing businesses we have narrowed down an amazing methodology that allows us to provide you and your dog the best possible outcome for your training services. Most people are not educated in the manner of reward based training and how it can have a detrimental effect on you and your pets relationship, or the other possible methods that are able to be used when attempting to train your animal. So alongside training your animal, we want to make sure that you as the owner are educated and understand exactly how to take these practices outside of our facility.

Reward-based training is very common and mainly understood by people who are practicing at home Board And Train Tulsa dog training. Even so, most people don’t understand that positive reinforcement does not benefit every dog or every time. one of the main reasons that we like to make sure owners are aware that reward-based training is not always the most aimed for method of training is because it is commonly seen To cause an unhealthy attachment between your dog and a treat, in other words, if a better treat is present your dog will learn to not obey you and instead seek Out The Obedience for the other treat. Another reason that people most commonly don’t think about is that if you have a smaller pet and you are attempting to treat or reward training them you are going to find that they get full and uninterested a lot quicker.

There are also some dogs that believe it or not simply just do not understand or care for the reward-based Board And Train Tulsa training methods. This could be because your dog just does not eat a ton such as working breeds or they are simply just not interested in particular treats or special Foods. This method also can accidentally damage your relationship with your dog as your dog will associate the best behavior with the treat and not you, meaning that your dog will only associate good behavior with whoever has the treat they want.

You can find tons of information that we’ve discussed in this article under our blog at our website makeyourdogepic.com alongside a neat little quiz if you are unsure whether your dog needs training or not. However, if we have convinced you that our services are the right ones for you, go ahead and give us a call anytime at 918-550-5557 and we will be more than happy to set up that first appointment for you at just a 50-cent cost today.

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