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One super cool thing about making your dog epic and the resources they provide on their website is definitely the website layout and how it is so easily and navigable in order to find tons of great information about Board And Train Tulsa services that we offer. However, we also know that with new technology it may be slightly hard to understand how to navigate our website or where exactly to find all the awesome information that we will be going over today. This is why we are going to go ahead and explain exactly where you can find the awesome information on our website about our services, our history, and our values. That is right, go ahead and stick around to learn more about our website and the awesome resources that we provide to you completely free there. Okay

One of the really super cool things about our website and some of the resources we provide you is our blog which contains tons of awesome information about the services we provide in relation to Board And Train Tulsa. you may be asking well where exactly do I find this blog? That is a great question, you can find it on the right side of the web page within the second red banner. if you go ahead and select The drop-down you will view three separate options for what you can choose to read about. Within These blog posts we provide you with tons of helpful information to determine if our services could benefit you and your family.

We also want to make sure to provide you with a step-by-step guide for most training needs that we can provide here at Make your dog Epic. So if you scroll down halfway through the first drop-down option under our blog you will find some awesome information about the three-step process we use when you and your family choose to use Board And Train Tulsa services. These steps are as follows; sign up for your first lesson today at just 50 cents, we will provide you with several options for a training package that best fits your families needs and affordability, you then choose the correct package and we begin the training services.

scroll down just a little bit further within the same Blog Page we are on and you will find some awesome information about our philosophy here at Make your dog Epic. To give you a quick rundown, our philosophy revolves around the fact that we know each dog has a different personality from the next and deserves equal chances at training opportunities with customized training packages to fit that dog’s particular needs. so unlike a typical trainer that you could find by searching on YouTube, we will use personalized commands and techniques specifically suited for your canine.

This is only a small bit of the awesome amount of information we provide to you and your family on our website at makeyourdogepic.com. We encourage you to check out a lot more information within our website at any time or you can give us a call with any questions you may have at 918-550-5557.

Board And Train Tulsa | Are You Unsure?

Have you already searched through miles of our website, our blog, and listened to every podcast episode you could find about our Board And Train Tulsa services, but are still unfortunately unsure about whether you want to place your dog within our training or not? That is completely okay. We want to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible placing your dog within our boarding or one-on-one Training Services, which is why we want to make sure you yourself can take a personalized quiz to determine if a trainer is the best option for you. Along with this your first lesson will only be 50 cents so we can make sure you can have a consultation with one of our trainers to get the best feeling of our system, interactions, and abilities.

This means you can make an extremely educated assumption and decision for your dog and whether they should be with our Board And Train Tulsa services! In order for you to be able to locate a free 56 Point quiz that will dictate whether you in fact need our services or not, you can go to our website and select blog in the right side of the page on the second red toolbar. from here continue to scroll down until you see take the 356 Point dog behavior quiz today. From here you are going to see exactly 56 questions that help you understand if you are definitely in need of one of our trainers or not.

Some questions are extremely simple to understand and determine if in fact your dog expresses said behaviors or actions, but others are more complex and may take some observation from the owner in order to detect. So with that, take your time going through each individual question and determining if in fact you have answered yes or no to the question. Once you have in fact finished every single question and you have a yes or no answer for each please take down the fact that if you answered yes to more than 28 we do believe that we could be of use to you and your family’s Board And Train Tulsa needs.

We want you to be as confident as possible when allowing your dog to be trained by one of our professionals. With this, we want to make sure that you are as aware of our process, our professionals, and our facility as you possibly can.

So go ahead and check out that free quiz on our website at makeyourdogepic.com then select the blog and the right corner of the screen under the second red toolbar. If you found that you’ve answered yes to more than 28 questions, go ahead and give us a call today to schedule that appointment for just 50 cents at 918-550-5557.

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