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Board And Train Boise, Idaho | Never Sacrifice Obedience at the Expense of Personality


At Board And Train Boise, Idaho training services there’s one thing we stand by and that’s personality. Obedience and personality in our training programs are not mutually exclusive. Our specialized philosophy is that a well-behaved dog should not sacrifice its unique personality and traits. How about instead we nurture a harmonious balance where obedience is uncompromisingly instilled into the individuality and character that make up each of our furry friends personalities. Now let’s delve into the core principles that we at Epic have created to ensure our commitment into maintaining the delicate equilibrium in all forms of dog training.

At Epic Board And Train Boise, Idaho Central to our training philosophy is the respect that we have for the individuality of each dog that we come in contact with. Your dog has a unique personality just like every new person that you meet. We recognize that these traits work characteristics or what makes you dog yours. We celebrate those differences and encourage them in a safe and positive manner. As always we’ll include with everything you do positive reinforcement techniques and never negative. We emphasize rewarding those desired behaviors rather than punishing undesirable ones. This creates a positive association with exercise environments and fostering where dogs are encouraged to express their personal feelings and natural personalities while still maintaining a level of obedience.

As with most of our other services at EpicBoard And Train Boise, Idaho we not only have tailored training programs just for your dog to include its unique needs and learning styles but we also incorporate playing Fun based upon your dog’s level of energy. temperament also comes into play and it’s a part of the equation whether it’s a playful and exuberant dog or more of an introverted reserved companion. our sessions are infused with elements of fun and play that I think even you would have fun doing. When learning new things, incorporating play into the process ensures that our dogs remain engaged, enthusiastic and true to their Lively personalities.

The Natural Instincts of your puppy are important to retain rather than suppress and so we harness and redirect them into a positive energy flow. For example if you have the type of dog or breed that has a strong prey drive we can channel that energy into constructive activities like fetching or agility training. it allows your dog to express their innate characteristics while adhering to obedience commands at the same time. Other aspects that you might find interesting are the balancing structure and freedom of our program and the aspect of building trust in a bond through exploring obedience training in a fun playful way with your puppy.

In conclusion , here at Epic, training is highly committed to the belief that both obedience and personality can coexist harmoniously. now if you’d like to hear more you can visit us on our website at https://makeyourdogepic.com/ where you’ll find our origin story, dog training service options that are available to you now, location information, how we make a difference in our community, our customer reviews, frequently asked questions contact information, and of course access to our blog community. can also reach us at 208-421-9229.

Board And Train Boise, Idaho | Dancing With the Dogs

At Board And Train Boise, Idaho Epic we believe in playing and fun activities with your furry friend. Dancing with your dog is not just a joyful and entertaining activity, it also brings about a plethora of benefits that contribute to both physical and emotional well-being for both you and your companion. At Epic dog training we could recognize the significance of this unique bonding experience in a positive impact we can have on the overall health and happiness of your dog. you’re the notable benefits and techniques of dancing with your dog.

First atBoard And Train Boise, Idaho we encourage it because physical exercise is always a boon for both you and your puppy. It’s a delightful form of physical exercise. The rhythmic movements and coordination required during dance routines engage various muscle groups promoting cardiovascular health and overall physical fitness. It’s a fun way to keep your dog active. Next, its strength is the bond with you and your dog. If officers are stronger , Bond has a shared experience of moving together in harmony and creates a unique connection that goes beyond verbal communication. physical closeness and synchronized movements contribute to a deeper understanding and trust between you and your very friend.

Other benefits of dancing with your dog as said by us at Board And Train Boise, Idaho Epic Farm mental stimulation which involves learning and following specific movement steps and cues and if they can memorize that just imagine how far they can go. It’s very beneficial for the mental stimulation of your dog’s cognitive abilities. This improves problem solving skills, keeps them mentally sharp and keeps them learning new things all the time as there’s an unlimited amount of dances that you can learn together.

Some of the techniques that you might employ here are starting slow and gradual because beginning with the simple and slow dance movements introduces more complex steps later which allows your dog to come familiar with the whole routine . patience is key doing initial stages of this training and all training to be honest. As with all of our training, positive reinforcement is key and following dance cues and movements treats praise and affection are what we used to create a positive association with Dancing with your dog. Some other tactics include choosing appropriate music that your dog enjoys, using clear cues while teaching, being attuned with your dog’s Comfort level just like a dance partner that you would have on the dance floor. Additionally incorporating basic obedience commands isn’t integration, that’s what only benefits both you and your dog going forward. Embracing your creativity that’s always a good thing.

He likes to learn more. Please visit us at our website at https://makeyourdogepic.com/ Where you’ll find our story, information on the dog training service options available to you right now, locations and location information, faqs, and access to our community blog. Please give us a call if you’re open to it at 208-421-9229.

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