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Board And Train Boise, Idaho | Boarding with Us and Benefits



Epic’s Board And Train Boise, Idaho  boarding services. This service is personalized and comprehensive as far as boarding experiences go. This is beyond traditional pet care and we offer a range of benefits that include well-being, happiness and comfort of each dog that is entrusted to our care. We can assure you that we have a home-like atmosphere because we care about your pets too.  Our facilities are designed to be comfortable, secure and inviting which is what dogs enjoy to be included cozy sleeping areas, engaging play areas and of course a stress free environment that mimics the warmth of your own loving home.


With Board And Train Boise, Idaho Boarding Services Provided 24/7 supervision and care which is one of the key advantages of our services Round the Clock supervision with our expert and dedicated staff. Our professionals are highly trained and ensure that your dog will receive continuous attention throughout the period that they spend with us companionship and also any necessary assistance in the form of sense of security and well-being during their step.


Board And Train Boise, Idaho Customized Boarding care plans Are cultivated and created unique just for your puppy which celebrates its individuality.  With your pup thrives on playtime, requires special dietary considerations or prefers Quiet Moments of relaxation, we tailor the experience to suit your pets distinct personality. We also provide engaging activities and play time for your puppy. It is an immersive experience filled with fun. your dog will enjoy interactive play sessions with other companions that are canine and socialization with said canines also stimulating games that are designed to keep them physically and mentally active. This goes from Fetch to puzzle toys so anything you can think of each dog’s day is enriched with interest and activities that cater to their unique style.


 Other aspects of this service include specialized training opportunities for your dog that are personalized as well based upon its needs and boarding becomes an extension of their educational journey. Our trainers continue to reinforce what they’ve learned already and learn behaviors, practice the commands that they know and teach them new ones and all which provides mental stimulation during the board’s day. This is a seamless integration of training into the board experience which contributes to the overall development of each dog with well-being of the dog as premiere. If your dog is sickly or is having any kind of health issues, one of the services that comes natural with this is the health and wellness monitoring. Our staff will be monitoring your dogs while being and showing that they receive any kind of necessary medications, supplements dietary or otherwise for Special Care is prescribed. This includes regular Health checkups and attentive observations which contribute to the safe and secure boarding environment we have here.


 if you’d like to learn more you can reach us at 208-421-9229 or check out our website makeyourdogepic.com  where you can find a little bit about our history all the dog training service options we provide for you a location and location information how we make a difference in our community our previous customer reviews and FAQs for more information contact information and access to our community blog as well.


Board And Train Boise, Idaho | Special Boarding Escape Room


Board And Train Boise, Idaho Gladly presents and introduces an exciting and Innovative  addition to our services: the special dog boarding Escape room. This offering is unique and is designed to transform your dog’s boarding experience into a thrilling adventure filled with puzzle solving, mental stimulation and most importantly a whole lot of fun. Next, let’s explore the benefits of this delightful puzzle solving activity that your dogs will enjoy that make this escape room an exceptional choice for your canine companion.


Board And Train Boise, Idaho Special dog boarding escape room has many benefits which will go over now. One is mental stimulation, escape from concept is not just for humans, it’s perfect for canine friends as well. your puppies will enter the escape room and engage in a series of mental challenges puzzles and tasks that stimulate their minds and their cognitive abilities. This means to work out a Sharper Image in their Mind’s Eye and a more engaged satisfied pup wow they are staying with us.


Other Board And Train Boise, Idaho  special dog boarding escapes from benefits are reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced problem-solving skills, physical exercise through play bonding between dogs and staff tailored experiences through individual preferences for each dog.


 Some of the fun puzzle solving activities for your puppies include dispensing puzzles dogs love treats and treating expensive puzzles are a favorite among our canine visitors. The escape room is equipped with interactive puzzles with these dispense treats so when your dog solves a puzzle it is given a treat. This is rewarding for not only users but definitely for the dogs as well. Another activity that we enjoy and so do our dogs is obstacle course challenges. You may have seen some of these on ESPN the Ocho and these are specifically designed for your puppy as well. These are within the escape room and they form tunnels and ramps platforms and all kinds of challenges that encourage physical activity for your puppy. Other activities include hide and seek Adventures puzzle toys for mental stimulation and team-based challenges as well.


 In conclusion , the special dog boarding escape room is a Game Changer in the world of canine boarding services. you won’t find I’m more engaging offering for any of our competitors and honestly we don’t even think of them as competitors anymore because they don’t have anything like this service. if you like to learn more about Epic or this service specifically then you can see us on the web at makeyourdogepic.com  where you’ll find a background of our story all the dog training service options available to you location and location information how we affect our community around us customer reviews FAQs contacting information and you’ll have access to our blog Community as well. You can also find us at 208-421-9229 give us a call. 

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